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How to Enter

Order, claim your ticket - and that's it.

1. Make an order for any value. With any items you want.

2. Claim your ticket on the order confirmation page.

3. That's it. You're in the draw to win it all.

Shop Tricks

Buy ANYTHING this Xmas & you could WIN a share of our revenue... in CASH

Imagine starting the new year with a pile of cash.

It could be $10,000, $20,000 or more...

Would you pay your rent? Buy a new car? Support your family? This is your chance.

For the next 45 days we'll be taking a revenue share of every qualifying order and placing it into one big cash pot.

The more orders come in, the bigger the prize fund gets.

One Fat Pot, growing with cash for over a month... Winner takes all.

... Automatically added to your cart when you spend over $50

+ FREE Worldwide Shipping when you spend over $100

Last time, we gave one lucky customer $20,784... This time, the cash could be yours.

In March of this year, we pioneered a one-of-a-kind contest. A chance to win a share of our revenue.

By the time the contest ended, one lucky customer walked away with $20,784 in cash.

We got one staff member from our global team to hand-deliver a briefcase of 'Benjamins' to their door.

Click Here to watch Kyle Basset win it all.

This Holiday season, we're doing it again.

For the next 45 days we'll be taking a revenue share of every qualifying order and placing it one big cash fund.

The more orders come in, the bigger the prize fund gets.

After that 45 days is over, we'll draw one lucky winner to have it all. No takesy backsies.

One cash prize split between tens of thousands of customers won't make a difference. But thousands of orders ALL CONTRIBUTING towards one winner. That's potentially a life-changing amount of money for someone.

Every day the fund will get bigger and someone's got to win.

On the 1st of January at 12pm Eastern (New York time) we'll draw the winner, at random, and announce the winner by email.

We know, we know. "You never win anything".

Maybe it's time for that to change.

How is Ellusionist helping to grow the prize fund?

Every Xmas we run a massive event. It's not just a normal percentage off sale... We always try to make it fun.

This year is no different, we'll be deep-discounting everything on our site, from best-sellers to forgotten gems... by 20%

NOTE: Discounts are only applied between November 16th & December 3rd 2021 at 12pm Eastern - and excludes new products such as Green Cohorts, How to Control Minds & Legacy 10 Book Collection.

Swoop in, grab what you need and claim your ticket after you checkout.

We'll take a portion of all qualifying orders and add it to the prize fund.

The more qualifying orders we get, the bigger the cash prize.

Start Shopping & Claim your ticket after you checkout


How do I enter?

Every order, no matter how big or small will get the opportunity to claim their ticket after they've completed the checkout process. You'll see an option to claim your ticket. Click it and add it to your order and you're in the draw.

What is a 'qualifying order'?

Every order over $10 will qualify towards increasing the prize pot. This means we'll take $2 from every qualifying order's subtotal (excludes shipping) and add it to the cash fund. The more qualifying orders (over $10), the bigger the cash pot gets.

Will I have to pay tax on my winnings?

This will depend on your country's individual laws of sweepstakes prizes. If won, Ellusionist will pay out only the amount displayed in the cash fund in USD. Any taxes or transfer fees/charges, if applicable, will be the sole responsibility of the winner.

Do I need to be over 18?

Yes, or if won, you'll need to have a guardian/parent claim the prize on your behalf.

Is this gambling?

No. Gambling is an increased odds game based on your ever increasing stake. eg Buying multiple lottery tickets... Because only one entry per customer will be counted towards the draw, it's even stakes and falls under the categorization of sweepstakes. Enjoy!

What if someone doesn't claim the prize?

If the winner doesn't claim the prize within 30 days we'll draw another winner at random and contact them via email and so on. Someone's got to win.

Can I get a free entry?

Any purchase made within the qualifying dates will be shown a link to claim their free ticket on the order confirmation page. For a free postal entry, send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:
1320 Scott Street Suite D
Petaluma Ca 94954

Tickets will be eligible between November 22nd at Midday Eastern time to January 1st at Midday Eastern time.

Terms and conditions apply.

Happy Holidays

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