Flat Rate Shipping


We're so excited! We've worked with local carriers and pulled every string possible to REDUCE RATES DRAMATICALLY.

Our goal was to get most rates as affordable as possible, every time, on every package you order from Ellusionist. It's done. Never before have rates been this low.

You'll pay up to 75% less from now on. No matter where you live.

Your package will arrive in approximately 5-20 business days and you can track it! All the bells and whistles you asked for, for a FLAT RATE.

Now go get some magic!


any order
any size
every time


What about Customs taxes or duties?

All international customs and duties are at your Country's discretion and Ellusionist can't be responsible for anything you may be charged. If you choose UPS, in our experience you get charged customs 100% of the time. With E-shipping, you may have to pay in some cases, but a dramatically reduced shipping rate definitely helps to soften the blow.

Is this just a promotion, or is it forever?

No, this isn't a promotion. We are running these flat rate options from now on. They will be available for the foreseeable future, so for now you don't need to worry about expensive shipping on packages of ANY size. You'll know exactly how much shipping costs before you even get to the checkout.

What if I buy just 1 deck of cards? Is it ANY size order?

It's your call. You have the power now to order as little or as much as you like. Fill your cart, or test our newest deck. That Flat Rate price is available on ANY ORDER of ANY SIZE. For example, if it's $9 for 1 deck to Australia, it's also $9 for 144 decks to Australia. Crazy, right?

Does this offer exclude any items in the E store?

No. All shippable items are included.

How long will it take to ship my items?

Average shipping times are estimated between 5-20 business days for each Country. Obviously all packages are being shipping from California, so if you live in somewhere like Malaysia, it will take longer than someone who lives in Canada. It's important to be patient and utilize our tracking to keep up-to-date with where your package is. We've had reports that countries like Indonesia, Greece, South Africa, Thailand etc with travel times of 10 days on average, but sometimes longer when clearing customs. There's nothing we can do about this unfortunately.

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