52 Gone

Nate Kranzo
Tried and tested over his professional career and captured first hand on the raw streets of New York (arguably the toughest crowd), this is a commercial miracle you can perform completely surrounded, anytime, anywhere.

Boom... Done. It's that easy.

Clap your hands together and the deck disappears before the sound-waves hit their eardrums.

The best thing is, there's nothing for them to find. Even when they go digging up your sleeves or peeping inside your jacket.

Performed correctly, this is the simplest, most direct and relatable piece of magic we've seen in years. Kranzo is known for practical methods.

No fluff, filler or fakery. 52 cards... Gone.

Kranzo shows that once you know the method, you can change a deck into an iPhone, TV Remote, Headphones, Stack of Bills, Car keys... Slice of Pizza. ANYTHING.

• This is a real deck... no compression move or illusions
• Can be used to transpose or change objects
• Super easy to do... If you can clap, you can do this
• Ends Clean

Get yours today. Before they're... GONE.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 24 minutes.
Angles: Perform completely surrounded. 360 degrees.
Clothing Restrictions: Any coat, jacket, blazer or hoodie is suitable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kane Pickett

This gimmick is a great purchase, I love this trick and I preform it all the time especially at stores turning cards into money the reactions are great. The only problem I found is its a little fiddly to set up correctly to make the vanish clean and definelty needs practice to prevent flashes. But other than that 10/10 trick would recommend to anyone starting out in magic or even pro magicians.

Daniel Schmitz

Great product! The quality of the gimmick is great! My only complaint is the angle sensitivity, but this is still my #1 deck vanish. Great job Nate Kranzo and Ellusionist!


I love this! I was able to modify the gimmick to change credit cards into a deck of cards, money into lottery tickets, etc. and once you know the secret and get the gimmick, you can easily too. He even briefly explains how he changes a deck of cards into a remote. The only issue with this is that it doesn't work with ALL hoodies and jackets, it took me a few to find one that worked. But overall an amazing affect!


AMAZING!!! I was a little disappointed about the video, but I tried it and I amazed myself. Now when I show people they hope ballistic! I've even got payed to show people this! I highly recommend this trick it's AWESOME!

Justin Delaney

This is amazing! within half an hour to an hour of practice i have already been able to master the concept. Another great release from ellusionist, the good thing about this is that the clap blocks the noise. Love it. Thanks Nathan

Jesaja Class

While watching the dvd for the first time, I have to say I was really disappointed by the method and gimmick but never the less I tried it and WOW!!!! this is the best and most visual vanish of a any small object I have ever seen! it looks and feels even better then presented in the trailer. This will now be the grand finishing trick in my manipulation routine. Worth Every Penny.

Ben Weakley

Amazing!!! I have learned how to do it and masters it almost!!
Though it does take a lot of practice it is worth it :)

Eldriane Crispe

I'm too lazy even putting a deck of cards in its box until i learned that i can just *Clap* and its gone

Reuben Frederick

Don't blink! Don't blink! Don't blink! Don't..ahh too late! Nothing to see here ;) - except a wicked method and awesome teaching!. Thanks for sharing!

Derek Buitron

I love this. I love the method, I've been using the method for a long time. Never thought of a home deck though. This is a nice piece. This will REQUIRE PRACTICE. Not alot of people put the time into these effects that use this. The video is shot very clear, Kranzo teaches how to make the gimmick and how to make it last longer, but you are provided a gimmick. This is a serious worker for the serious performer.

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