Benjamin Mei

NOTE: Each box contains 5 different ring-gimmicks from sizes 9 to 13. That means you will find one that easily fits your finger. No sizing required.

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11 moves & routines + the gimmicks you need to perform them

NOTE: Each box contains 5 different ring-gimmicks from sizes 9 to 13. That means you will find one that easily fits your finger. No sizing required.

In AEON, NYC’s Benjamin Mei will walk you through his hyper-visual ring magic in its purest and most simple form.

11 new moves & routines performed with custom-engineered, low friction rings.

You will learn:

  • Finger Flicker - A ring appears on your finger with a flick of the fingers.

  • Paint Production - A ring is slowly painted into existence on your finger with a touch.

  • MFP - A one-handed ring vanish and reappearance where both sides of the hand can be shown.

  • BTP- A ring on the palm disappears and reappears just by closing your hand slowly.

  • Back Talk - A ring in the palm disappears and both sides of the hand can be shown empty before producing the ring with a flicker.

  • Ripple - A ring on the palm penetrates through flesh and onto the finger with a small wave of the hand.

  • Wave - A ring on the index finger melts through 2 fingers to end up on the ring finger.

  • TPSP - A ring disappears on the palm with a wave of the other hand only to reappear on the index finger.

  • RTF - A ring teleports from a closed fist onto the other hand's ring finger.

  • BFCC - A ring on the index finger transforms into another ring with a swing of the hand.

  • SRCC - A ring on the index finger transforms into another ring with a soft stroke of the other hand. The ring can then be freely given out to the spectator and the hand with the ring looks clean from start to finish.

  • Aeon Routine – A beautifully choreographed ring routine composed of the moves taught within this project.

The Perfect Ring Does Exist

Whilst sat with Benjamin he made it very clear that the perfect ring does exist.

He has spent countless hours refining and developing his own custom ring. Low friction rings.

The ring you receive is made to his exact specifications and will slide on and off your finger like a hot knife through butter.

“I didn’t understand the hype behind this ring until I tried it on” - Nevin Sanchez

Size Doesn’t Matter

Don’t know what size to buy?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! When you purchase this project, you will receive not 1 but 5 different ring sizes. From sizes 9 to 13, you will be able to try on all variations and find your perfect fit.

Expert Tuition

The moves Benjamin has created are seemingly simple, but they sound complex to complete beginners. That’s why we had Nevin & Cody from our Team sit-in on the explanations to ask Ben the questions he’s never thought to ask himself.

With these nuances and tips uncovered, you’ll be able to make these moves second nature.

That means that this project isn’t just accessible to all finger-sizes, but all skill levels too.

No matter how good you are at ring magic, the custom AEON rings alone will improve your ring magic tenfold.

After just 5 minutes of practice, someone who has never done this before, from our team, was able to perform the hardest move on the project… It was all downhill from there.

Get your AEON today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
RiddhiPratim Bandyopadhyay
It was fantastic

The rings are not gimmicks.. But these are very well made.. And the tricks are well explained. This is my first tutorial video on ring magic and I am enjoying it.. The tricks are very well explained and easy to pick up for beginners

Brandon Mansour
Great Ring Magic!

I think the tricks in this download are killers and they build on each other! Definitely a must buy for anyone that wears rings and performs magic. Only thing I can say is the rings even though you get multiple is not one size fits all. Smaller handed people may not fit into this. Not an issue for me but it could be a problem for you. Even still you could do it with most rings as they aren’t gimmicked. Great stuff and a good price!

Richard S Herriage

Amazing products, easy to navigate website, very fast delivery and excellent prices! Would recommend to everyone that want to get into any aspect of cards, magic, any of it this is the place to go.

Very nice

The rings included are incredibly nice to use, far better than what I have been using up until now. That alone makes it worth the price, but the videos give insights into ring magic beyond just the routine which are very helpful for anyone who wants to improve.

Jesse Champlin
Aeon Rings from Benjamin Mei

5 rings of great quality
11 tricks to get you started
Considering the price you get all that but can only use maybe 2 rings. Out of the 11 tricks you get some solid tricks but consider that not every one of the tricks are going work for you. Totaling worth the price. Thank you!!

Mark Sanges
Fantastic for Ring Magic

I love rings and magic with rings. The Aeon set introduces you to some of the basic principals and effects of ring magic and gives you a set of five rings that are perfectly engineered to be as smooth and frictionless as possible. The rings provided make learning the moves and effects much easier and are also great looking. You can wear as an everyday ring and have the perfect tool for creating g astonishing effects always on your finger.


I was really excited to try AEON out. Of course, I had to explain to the wife that I had ordered this cool trick and not a set of wedding bands. I enjoyed when Kevin participated in Benjamin training, which made it easier to understand the basic moves. Ps. The wife is practicing, too. So that she can wear the pants ; I mean the rings. How do the other practicing woman enjoy them?
Thanks, this is really easy and awesome!!

William Lam
Really solid fundamentals

This is a really good project for anyone new to ring magic. The rings are perfect, and the instructions are well taught.

florian corbisier
Absolutely recommend it

The routines are really good and build up from easy to harder. the explanation is good enough and the tricks are also really nice. The quality of the rings is really good they are nicely weighted, the sizes are good for everyone with decently big hands [not little kids] and the rings look very nice and simple. So for the price this is an absolute must if you wanna start learning ring magic.

Santiago Ramírez Orozco

Light, soft to the touch, well finished

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