Arcane is the first in Ellusionist's new line of Signature playing cards. Whether you infuse your magic with as much magic and mystery as a fantasy story, or you ground yourself in reality through gambling demonstrations, these cards will help your performance become more elegant, mysterious and powerful.

Three top designers from across the globe working never-ending nights, burning midnight oil, and months of midnight jam sessions to bring you a deck of playing cards unparalleled and unsurpassed in the industry.

Michaelangelo took four years to create the Sistine Chapel masterpiece... these took five.

Printed the U.S. Playing Card Company, the Arcane deck sets new standards for playing cards. Arcane paves the way between the old and the new.

Featured within each deck are classic Ellusionist innovations combined with incredible new features:

  • A simultaneous release of black and white versions. Choose the color that suits your style, or stock up on both to perform double-deck tricks or multi-colored flourishes and displays.
  • An all-new, compelling back design. No angels or bicycles here. Only dark, cryptic glyphs that speak in mysteries. The backs make fans and other XCM displays look like works of art.
  • Newly-designed face cards that match the glyphed, smoky backs. Each court card features traditional faces, but a different, Arcane-styled outfit.
  • High-resolution printing for incredible appearance gradients, and smoke effects.
  • A tuck case with wraparound design. This is the first card box of its kind.

Arcane also offers features found in our other decks of custom playing cards, including:

  • An incredibly designed Ace of Spades that will carve itself into your mind.
  • A newly-designed joker equipped with a blatant yet invisible reveal.
  • Traditional elements of playing cards to ensure spectators' familiarity.
  • A Gaffed Joker card with a "3HEARTS" reveal included.


Customer Reviews

Based on 334 reviews

Great quality and an amazing design, I love this deck

Robert Davis

Pretty GODLY

Bruno Gomes

The ARCANE was my first two decks of cards. I bought the balck and white at the same time. It got me hooked! Amazing deck!

Johnie Stokes

I was given a half brick and one gaff deck for free. The handling is great it looks great this was the deck that got me hooked to ellusionist now I only buy playing cards for ellusionist. I have had mine for 6 years now and I'm still using them must buy white or black.

Spencer Cook

I got a Black Arcane for free with the 3 deck bundle, and I didn't expect to care for them much. They instantly became my favorite deck. It feels amazing and looks amazing, and even comes with a 3 of Hearts reveal on a Joker. I think we can all agree that the best part of the deck are the face cards. The smoky effect on the side of the card mixed with the faded pips makes it look incredibly eerie and mysterious.

If you're thinking about getting these, stop thinking and start doing.

John tharp

I love this deck, feels great and handles great. Back design is AMAZING!

Johnson Chen

Absolutely amazing.

Square Wuna

I bought a black and white deck,then thought about having a spare pair,then wanted two more of each once the first pair got tired,then.....i have 10 of each(plus a white gaff)the royalty is what first caught my sick of the standard(dull and boring) bicylce style short first purchased for the aesthetics,repurchased cos they are truely great

Tyler Lashley

I have purchased seven decks from Ellusionist to use for my magic. I have found that the white is by far given me the best reaction upon pulling them out. Also had the nicest feel for the tricks they feel a little thick, but I believe they are the best cards on the sight.

Steven Fyfe

Love both decks, but the white Arcane is my favorite. I love the face cards and the jokers. The deck is high quality and fun to use. I wish they made a stripper deck and Svengali deck of these. I might buy a few dozen and make my own.

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