Blue Artifice First Edition

Understated equipment for cardsharps who use technique to win.

The techniques utilized in production reflect the perfection of skill required to consistently stay one step ahead during performance.

The coating is like artwork, developed by Ellusionist with Jeff Reed at USPC to allow metal to be contained in the finish yet still be slicker than ice. The coating is known simply as "Performance Coating" and will become the defacto standard in Ellusionist decks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Favourite deck. I still have one unopened deck. I want to buy more, sad it is discontinued.

Will it ever be back?

Pure Elegance

The Artifice deck will send shocks to your body when you feel and actually see them.They're a perfect choice for any card magician to have!Timeless effort and quality went into these elegant playing cards.With a look and finish like that,there's no way you can turn them down.Go ahead try to...

Great Cards with one big Problem for Magicians

The Cards are amazing, without any question!
But: The Big Problem ist the dark black Back in Contrast to the bright white Pictureside. This allows not the smallest failure while doing such things like Elmsley-Count or other Effects with reversed Cards, the smallest Part of the Pictureside can be seen by the audience in a face-down order of the other cards. Because of that it's not my personal favorite and looses one Star.

Incredibly slick and beautiful.

These cards are the definition of "dark beauty".
The backs and faces of the cards actually have a grip to them, but they surprisingly slide all over!
I just got this deck not too long ago, but I know my cards and these are just too good to be true.
This is definitely not going to be my first deck of cards.

Breathtaking design, quality, and reactions

These cards are truly a work of art. Staying within the parameters of being playing cards, they have changed every aspect of the design from original bicycle cards. From the font, to the shapes of the pips, to the detail of the court cards, these cards are too good to mistreat or pass up buying. 13.7 stars out of 5!

fantastic cards that have an elegance to it. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

i have been doing card magic for over three years now and these cards are the only cards i use now. has cards that you can do a array of tricks with, and i have fooled many people with,.

Simply. Beautiful.

Simply put, these are the most elegant, most beautiful playing cards I have ever handled in my entire life.

Being a collector, I have come across many decks of playing cards but these feel so classy in your hands, almost instantly, you want more. The back design with the metallic silver is perfect.

The finish on the cards is amazing, fans and spread really well. All in all, an amazing work of art. 10/10


Before getting these cards, I didn't think anything could beat Bicycle. Boy was I wrong. These are GREAT cards. They fan easier than anything I've ever seen or used.
The design on the backs is classic yet modern.
The Ace of Spades and Joker designs are worth the price of the deck in and of themselves.
Great deck!!!!!!!!!
Get one, no two, no three.....just get it......

Great, but has downsides

First off let me say these cards are some of my favorite based on how they look.
They do look extremely "elegant" as many others have called them, and they have proven to be quite the eye catchers when i show them to friends
These cards fan Amazingly, but im not sure if its just me being clumsy but they feel a bit too slick
When i was first learning to close a thumb fan they would easily fly out, but i have learned to control it
One handed fans are very hard with them as well.
Im guessing these cards are directed more towwards magicians, even thought they do look great in flourishes like the Werm
I havent gotten a chance to handle them alot as ive been getting through other decks, but they look so amazing i just dont want to use them xP
I feel the stock to be a bit thinner than other cards i have handled, and im not such a fan of that
Another big thing is the white faces with black backs, it really stops you from doing some card tricks that may involve sleights
Good cards, but some things could be changed for better

Absolutely georgous! A work of art the moment your eyes are lucky enough to see them.

These cards are absolutely amazing! I got them out of the box, did a card spring and was like "OH MY GOD!" My girlfriend was sitting next to me and asked what was wrong and I said "Georgous!" She said thank you and I said "NO! The cards!" I'm buying her dinner tomorrow night.yway, These cards are absolutely perfect. However, the Arcanes are a little better, sorry Artifice...

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