Bicycle Invisible Deck Trick

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You can do the trick for one person and blow them away, or you can do it for 500 people and blow them all away. The trick is easy to do and (many say) is the best card trick in the world.

Comes in standard regulation Bicycle deck (poker size).

You can also buy a fantastic book by Mike Shelley which teaches several little known routines (stunning!) and many rare tips and tricks involving the Invisible Deck. Even we were amazed at the power of some of these routines with the deck.

For a limited time only: Buy the Invisible Deck and Invisible Deck Book together and pay only $16 for both items.

Customer Reviews

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By FAR the BEST card trick ever created.

This card trick is a must have effect. The trick is very very easy to master and gets great reactions. I did this trick at a party one night and everybody went NUTS. My spectator even shed a tear. Its a simple trick that gets huge reactions. The quality of the ellusionist deck is dam near perfect and it handles better than any other invisible deck out there. If you want a card trick that beats out all the others then BUY THIS TRICK. its worth every penny.

Another amazing trick...

Its perfect.. theres no other way to put it, at first i didnt even think about it cause i was so entertained by the other purchases i made, but when i finally decided to try it.. it gets people EVERY time the reactions are just unreal.

Excellent trick

I'm new to magic and this trick is so easy to perform and it gets people everytime. The deck works well. I even had a girl (drinking) who was trying to call me out on the trick and made a quick move and knocked a couple of cards out of my hand it held together and i picked them up told her she was rude and finished the trick with no one even noticing.

Astoundingly Fun, Easily Done

Beginners: Here's an effect to sink your hungry hooks into. It won't take you long to learn, and will almost immediately bring EPIC returns in the form of your amazed spectators. As you're starting your magic journey, toss one of these babies into your backpocket and you'll always be armed with a great "go-to" effect.

Intermediate: Not telling anything you don't already know :).

Advanced: Thank you for inspiring me. Maybe someday we'll meet as peers, rather than admiring beginner and adept expect... which is where we stand now.


This deck is the best deck I've ever got.
At my high school, I wasn't that well known, but when I started to do this trick, everybody asked me to perform. I got to admit that I loved being the centre of attention.
Also be careful, some people might start heckling you and hitting the cards out of your hands, if this happens,just walk away.
Anyway, I recommend this trick for all skill levels.

A GREAT Trick With Only a Few Drawbacks

The trick is great, it gets great reactions, looks amazing and unbelievable;so many possibilities. The trick is great but I wish they could include roughing fluid/powder because after awhile the it can start to fail and and reveal the wrong card at the wrong time and I really do not wish to continue to buy multiple effects so its a great trick but can wear out.

Awesome. Great to have.

I bought the red Bicycle Invisible deck to compliment the red Bicycle deck I recently acquired. Because of this, people had seen me with the deck already and suspected nothing. I was able to make a guy scream with this deck. The effect is very cool and very convincing. The cards are also very well-made and easy to use. I bought the book with it and got a really good deal, as wll as many ideas for different ways to use this deck. Very much worth purchasing.

It is great cards with great possibilyties

I am not thet experienced yet. But I understand that there are great possibilities in this deck. I have used it a little and have gotten some good response.

This deck looks normal...but it packs a punch

This deck looks normal at first glance, and that is why people don't expect the hard hitting effect that you can do with this deck. Very easy to handle and very nice visually, this is a great deck

HARD hitting!!

This is truly one of the best effects out there. I've gotten some huge reactions to this and even people who've just walked away :)


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