Madison Blanks Playing Cards

Introducing the ALL NEW Madison Blanks...


This amazing deck of cards features an amazing minimal design... They are amazing.

It all began over 382 & 1/2 days ago. Madison set off into the Bradford forest to axe-down 100 trees to find the perfect paper-stock.

With a design that was 6 months in development, the backs feature a one way/not one way borderless design that takes it's inspiration from Madison's personality and repertoire.

The Cambric Fresh-Linen Super-Air finish was invented for the faces.

Faces are old fashioned, so we focussed on taking all of the unique design elements of the backs, and applied it to the front too.

Double the impact.

“I don't need to put my logo on it anymore.
You know who I am.”

- Probably Daniel Madison

The manufacturing process was extensive. With each deck traditionally cut and placed into Madison stack, before being rolled in a whisky-soaked leather jacket for that comforting Madison scent, right out of the box.

During quality control, the 28th card is reversed in every pack for a guaranteed reveal, 100% of the time.

The result? The most minimal deck known to man.

A fully marked, one way forcing deck that's compatible for all hand sizes.

People will try to show you they already have one. They don't.

We've secretly trained a crow to beak-stamp every tuck case with UV ink to prove yours are legit.

Every other Blank Deck is imitating this.

  • 52 duplicate cards.
  • Perfect for color changes & ACAAN
  • No ink = Kinder to the environment.
  • UV Printed Box. Your only way of showing you're better than everyone.

You either have them or you don't.

Don't settle for cheap imitations. Get your Genuine Madison Blanks TODAY.

But seriously, why did we create a blank deck? THIS IS WHY. You won't believe the reaction...


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I love using these on the skeptics and the hecklers. I'll go through a few tricks with a deck so they get used to it. There is always a skeptic or if I'm lucky some smartass who wants to call BS on everything. Force a card in them and switch the deck with an unopened box of these ( all while it's in THEIR hands). As soon as the open the box and see nothing but 51 blanks and their card, Everyone goes nuts. These make the simplest "Pick a Card" routines and make them mind blowing. I also like the fact that the card stock is as good of quality as a deck of Knight's, Kings, or any other High Quality Deck. The blank decks I have owned in the past have been of Sub Par quality. Even the lay person can feel this difference and it just takes away from the effect. Great Job as usual guys


This deck + the advocate = one of the, if not the best magic trick on the planet. Imagine you FREELY name a card, and a magician reaches into his pocket, or you the spectator grabs the deck from a bag, etc. YOU open the deck and inside is only one card in a completely blank deck. Any card to an entirely blank deck. Every time I have performed this trick the reactions are otherworldly. They are in shock, its because it is completely clean, and happens instantly. 10/10 would recommend.

Saturnian Steve

I used to want to boycott this website, all of the black club and Madison nonsense. Now I want to hug him. He has just shown he isn't trying to be who he is not. He took of his glasses. Didn't get these but I applaud you Ellusionist. Now, fix black club and you're set.

Connor X

With the best promo video known to man, I knew these were a joke, yet they are actually very useful as odds a cheap deck of blank cards.



I am literally crying with laughter at the promo video. I can't wait for these to arrive in the post!


I have not bought this product, but this is absolutely the BEST video promo for ANY product I have ever seen. Good Show ! Bravo.



Daniel Biro

Here's an idea: why not have the card values also printed in UV!!! They all look blank until you shine a UV light on them. Am sure people would come with some killer routines...

Jd Michaels

There are no words.
Nor numbers, nor symbols of any kind.
Astounding? Innovative? Bleeding Edge?
These are just WORDS.
And as I said before: THERE ARE NO WORDS.


Just imagine how cool these would be if the fluorescent light worked on each of the individual playing cards (not just the box)... some really cool effects/routines could be performed.

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