Blood Kings V2 Playing Cards


Blood Kings by Daniel Madison & Peter McKinnon are the last in the Kings series of playing cards.

Stacked in mnemonica straight out of the box, these cards ooze sophistication from their warm, blood-red backs.

For this stunning second edition, we've changed the paper vault for these beautiful cards to an under-stated, minimal tuck case, blood-soaked with a deep red Blood Kings logo proudly on the front.

Some Kings like opulence, true Kings prefer power...

The sides read 'Live Like Kings' - Die Like Kings', a nod to the previous best-selling versions and a final goodbye from this influential series.


The Angle Z Gaff is dead, but the double-backer lives on.

Instead, we've added a duplicate Queen of Hearts in each deck that sits proudly on top of your stack. Behind every great King, is a powerful Queen.

Blood Kings. Only in death can they live forever.

Stock up now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

This deck is great once broken in. Faros ridiculously well. But sadly doesn't last very long once broken in before the deck clumps up


Very nice deck design and box but was a bit disappointing, the cards were very stiff and had no flow at all, ( spreads and fans were very messy compared to other decks)


I really like the Blood kings, how they handle and everything, so why only two Stars? The problem is the cut. The face of the cards is not very critical but the back design on my decks is not centered. The white borders have different dimensions which is clearly visible. I've even been asked if it is a marked deck...
Don't get me wrong, I really love the Blood kings but for that price I thought I'll get a better quality


Ellusionist always impressed me with the quality of their card, but this is the first time I'm actually pretty disappointed. The cards are a bit stiff. Now after a week of use they start to feel broken in a little and become more like the Rounders and Artifice I'm using. The red color on the face side is more brownish than red, like dried up blood, which is not what I expected and it gives the cards quite a dirty look. And the biggest let-down is how the cards are cut. I can see with the naked eye how coarse the edges of the cards are and it almost looks like the edges are crumbled. If you ask me, the knives used to cut these cards were well overdue to get sharpened, which makes the deck feel like the edges of the cards are worn out.


They feel amazing in my hands. Nice and broken in when you first open them. By far my favorite deck,


These cards are good. The card stock isn't to thick, but not thin either. The cards feel good and look great.


Really like the cards. I love that they are so smooth. The only thing that i didn't like is that the borders were not well cut. (white borders). Overall, very great deck and really nice feel to it. I love to perform with them.


Now my number one deck. I recently had a performance coming up and while the Red Keepers were my number one and buy them in bricks, I like to buy a new deck for each stage performance as a memento as you will. Bought this deck, right out of the box they felt amazing, the thin stock much like the Keepers made them easy to handle right from the start. The custom court cards are lovely and the jokers are still just the coolest thing in the world to me. The elegant design is simplistic in the most perfect way, along with the beautiful red that really makes the design pop. I'm also a huge fan of the double backer, a magicians best friend, and the extra queen is always a nice touch for here to there tricks. Needless to say, as soon as I finish this review I'm putting in my order for a brick of these beauties and I suggest you do the same.


Simple, Elegant. Beautiful. Buttery handling. Just all around great cards. Love the non-standard Jokers and the custom court cards. The duplicate Queen of hearts and the double backer are nice bonuses too.


My first deck was a classic Bicycles, but since 5 month he took humidity while being in my back pack in a heavy rain day, still usable but it's like manipulating marshmallow. I step up in the shop this morning, and hesitated between a bicycle and the Blood Kings V2. I decided to go for the BK V2.

And well i'm not disappointed. Very comfy, includ an extra Queen + Double Back Card, which is my first gimmick and i already have a lot of idea for those two.

Design very classy, you can see the difference between the beauty of Blood Queen and Dark Queen, where the red ones are a delicacy for the eyes, and the black ones are more in the Vintage style, like an hommage.

The two extra Joker are very different from what you get usually in card pack. And the Ace of Spades in slashed by them, and i love this easter egg.

Buy this pack, for a few bucks you get high quality cards ( with two extra one ) and a story to tell yourself the first time you unpack it.

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