Create Magic

Tom Elderfield

Ever wanted to create your own magic trick?

CREATE MAGIC is an activity book that makes you come up with the impossible.

For the first time in magic you'll be creating as you read.

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The Head Consultant to the most-viewed viral video page in the world shares his secrets to creating magic.

Who is Tom Elderfield? 

If you've seen magic on TV or social media in the last 5 years, you've almost definitely seen Tom Elderfield's influence. His client list is a who's who of TV magic, top brands, and social media giants.

His magic industry releases are celebrated as visual miracles and twice, in our own experience, he's created Ellusionist best-sellers and allowed other artists to carry them over the finish line.

Case and point, Tom creates more magic than he can pursue himself.


But How Does He Do It? 

This book isn't about what Tom is... It's about what Tom does, and how YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

In this book you will:

  • Learn Tom's secret chameleon technique for creating magic.
  • Discover the power of failing to create new methods.
  • Uncover original ideas with the power of 'switching'.
  • Flip the script and explore Tom's simpler, method first approach.
  • Create magic from nothing using elaborate Venn Diagrams.
  • Find out exactly how Tom solves problems to create new effects while consulting... and how you can too.


This book will help you create more tricks than it teaches... 

"But I find it hard to learn from just reading." says You. 

No problem. This is a book for doers. Not readers.

❌ This isn't a boring book on the theory of creating magic.

❌ It isn't a book about what Tom can do, that others can't.

❌ It isn't designed to collect dust on your shelf.

✅ It's a book of activities to help you create magic AS you read it.

Each page minimizes words and maximizes fun. You'll be doing activities and playing games as you go, so the lessons sink in easier...  Instead of just reading about it.


A message from Tom himself...

"I always get asked how I create magic tricks.

In this book, I've designed fun games and activities, some based on everyday games you may already play. I've made them more specific to a way of thinking about magic.

This can be as simple as; ‘fill this box with the last thing you had in your pocket’. You then follow the game along til hopefully, you have an interesting idea for an effect or a new method.

There are many fun games to play, and not every single one will be perfect, but hopefully, you’ll find YOUR ‘game' and will come up with something amazing!

There will also be some more unorthodox methods that will quite literally ask you to start destroying this book. Go along with it, all our minds work in different ways, and you may amaze yourself."

- Tom Elderfield 


Create by Destroying

If this book stays in mint condition... You've failed!

By buying this book you're are agreeing to destroy it with notes, rip out pages, stick random objects in it and drip coffee stains all over its cover.

All bets are off. You are encouraged to do whatever it takes in the pursuit of creativity and fun.

Get 'Create Magic' TODAY.


Full-color print, inside & out.
Over 130 pages.
Measures 148cm x 210cm (A5)

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Floriano Guida
stop monotony becomes a better performer

Stop the monotony, practice creating and developing not just new tricks, but thinking out of the box. and also the best tool for creating your own style with the tools in your personal toolbox.

Lester Dixon
Create Magic

This is such an amazing book. I can see why he's one of the top consultants for making magic. I would love to shake his hand in person because Tom really has shown me just how easy it can be to be very creative. I came up with an idea of color changing sunglasses but using the material that's used in color changing mood rings just an example of how creative my process is getting thank you Tom.

Tony Wilborn
Create Magic Activity Book

I think the Create Magic Activity Book by Tom Elderfield, is amazing and it helps you come up some great tricks and Ellusions🤙🏾🤙🏾

Next level book!

Can’t recommend this book enough, if there was more stars to give, I’d give it!

Noam Hasleton
No regrets at all

I thought it would be just another magic book but wow was I wrong! It changed my whole perspective on magic!

Raul J. Suzara II
Magicians create club.

I no longer have to be a performer of magic! Now I can be a creator of magic with this book that I bought!I love the activities inside and I get a dopamine hit of creativity once more aside from performing magic and practicing magic. It’s a great book!

Jeff Tanji
A workbook that stimulates creativity

This is a useful workbook to stimulate creative, original effects using a stepwise approach. It’s fun, approachable, and opens doors of the mind to set up novel methods and outcomes.

Ashli N Cantrell

Just got and I absolutely love it.

Chris Is Magic
It has helped me create two routines already.

Totally subjective, but I feel this is a good tool for me. I have performed multiple stage shows at my place of work, and I have always tried to make purchased routines my own by making small changes. Lately, though, I have felt that even that does not fill my creative spirit. As creative minds, who love to entertain, we want to leave our mark on the world. This book is a guided thought process that can be repeated over and over again to build new material. I would say that without a decent foundation in magical theory, technique, and apparati then you might find that is book can guide you to a product without knowledge of a way to get to the final outcome. With that said, there are foundational hints in here that can be researched further. The key is to remember that magic that makes you who you are as a performer can take a long time to create and polish. The only way to get where you want to be is to put a lot of thought and time into it. This book helps that process take off. It was a good purchase in my opinion.

Brian G Bence
Methodical and practical

Great creative book to get you on the right path to coming up with your own routines and new effects!

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