Real Secrets of Magic - Volume 1

David Stone

Besides tricks, David Stone, FISM Award winner 2006, gives you priceless advice for starting your career as a professional magician.

Produced and directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand, this DVD offers a new way of learning magic. Tricks with: cards, coins, ropes, bottles, glasses, banknotes, napkins, cigarettes, roses, improvised magic and sponge balls.

Customer Reviews

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Joel Mann
Who needs gimmicks when you have Stone?

First and foremost, every single effect in this DVD should be the price of the DVD itself! They are visual, insane, and can be performed pretty much surrounded. And then you get David Stone, who is a wonderful performer who will fool you even once you know all the effects; he's that good. If you have any wish to know how to do magic right, and get killer results, buy this now, and guard it with your life. It will make you amazing.

For people who have been convinced that killer magic needs gimmicks... watch this DVD and see if you go back. I totally doubt you will.

One warning: Beginners, some of the stuff is beyond your skill level (get it anyway though, you'll learn if you practice). Get some practice with basic card and coin slight and misdirection before you use this DVD. Be somewhat comfortable about card and coin manipulations as well as terminology of slights (ex. lift, force, etc.)

Final review: 11/10 - Stone will change your magic as well as your outlook on it. He will also make your wife disappear (which he demonstrates in the DVD)

Simon Trepanier
Freaking usefull tips and advices

David stone introduces us to the restaurant magic.

Many good tricks and freaking usefull tips and advices are explained in both volume 1&2.

A must-have!

Eddie Goddard
If you want to go PRO, this is the way to do it!!!

This, as well as David Stone's other Dvd, teaches you a whole new style of magic which works great in all situations. As well as the great tricks, he also gives you great information on how to get a job using magic which is well worth the price of the Dvd on its own if you are considering going PRO!!!

Steve H.
Absolutely incredible and a must buy!

This DVD along with Volume 2 have been the most informative and incredible DVD's I have ever purchased when it comes to teaching you the steps and tools to take your magic to the next level. David Stone is absolutely captivating in all of the performances, and his insight and years of experience performing table hopping magic is truly invaluable.

If anyone is serious about taking your magic to the next level and start to perform magic as a living, then you need to purchase these DVD's. He will change your outlook into magic in ways that I never really knew about before purchasing these amazing DVD's.

I cannot recommend the two DVD's highly enough, it is absolutely breathtaking. Also take a look into his book, "David Stone Close-up" which was released before the two DVD's and all the insight that you learn from watching David Stone, will also be found in his book and with greater detail.

Don't wait any longer if you haven't purchased these videos yet because the help tips and insight is priceless.

ramiro sanchez
the best

best gift i ve gotten in along time totally worth the price or even more

Mick Rodriguez
to the next level

this dvd took me to the next level. Davids magic is so perfect. i hope to meet him someday!

Dustin Sun
Great teaching method, awesome theory

David Stone is an awesome magician... his misdirection is simply perfect!

There is no audio during the teaching segments, but even then he succeeds at making the sleights very clear. And by watching the performance segment and observing the patter there, you can really go a long way to improving your act altogether!

Daniyal raffat
I love it, This motivated me to do Magic and I am a professional now.

When I bought this Dvd and clicked the play button, right from that point I was amazed with his Flash Deck Productions, coin routines, Hermes, Invisble palm routine, Bottle Glass Production, It is lovely, Guyz you want something more then magic in 1 DVD with Explanation go for David stone's collection, It worth watching and performing.

...No IM Not Joking.

I actually believe that David could palm a small to medium size baby. ...No IM Not Joking.

Wow really really impressive

Wow really really impressive as for me im just a littel kid but is planning to make a living as a magicain when i grow up. Theres nothing more i would rather have to help me reach that goal than this dvd. I would highly recomend it for all beginers and all the people who wish to be a magicain. Its really a great DVD. For ellusionist sake BUY THIS DVD.

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