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crystal davison
Great buy!

I love this pen and all of it's possibilities. From something so simple that requires almost no skill I have received some great reactions. I'm a bar tending magician who is constantly having to repeat effects several times a night and almost every night, but what I do with this pen is easily set up in advance and it's a nice go to when I'm tired at the end of the night. I can leave a lasting impression and still bring customers back for more with little effort.

Matthew Musgrave
Great addition!

Great pen! Nice addition to any magicians arsenal.So it cost less at office supply stores,Big Deal!! If it hadn't been for Ellusionist most people would have never heard of it. Show some support!

Roy Thompson
Cool Concept

Not used this pen for a whole lot of applications yet. I still like it for the potential it has though.

Jason Sollenberger
Very fun

I think up new ideas every time i look at it. Great revels.

A Gem of Closeup Magic

I truley love the frixion pen and all of its uses. I do, however believe that the trailer is a bit misleading in the sence that the reactions are far more intense if the routine is properly presented. I personally use a prediction. When the prediction is revealed to be incorrect, I proceed to explain how fire distorts the human eye's perception. I go on to talk about how when you're at a barbeque and you look at a grill, the air is wavy above it, and that you can harness this distortion. I then change the prediction to matcht their card. Now, if drawn properly, you can change a large number four and a diamond, to a 7 and a heart. This works very well for me. So, in my opinion, i recomend this. It requires, literally, no magic experience.

Steve Hendry
Great fun!

These are some really fun pens to use for all sorts of different effects if you start using your imagination and other ways to come up with something truly unique.

As stated by a few other reviewers the price is set rather higher than should really be necessary. But I suppose trying to make a profit after purchasing these pens in whole sale. Personally, I bought a packet of 3 black pens and a 3 pack of highlighters, and I have come up with all sorts of crazy **** that really baffles whomever I show what I've come up with.

There really are no right or wrong ways to use these pens, which I find rather amazing. So if anyone who hasn't purchased one or two, should really purchase these and you'll have all sorts of fun creating your own effects!

Nick Haglund
Big Mistake

First of all Ellusionist, you should not have put a picture of the pen on the website. If you go into Staples, you can buy a pack of three, red blue and black, for three bucks! I like the pen in all because of the whole get rid of ink with heat, but still! Post this if you wish. I got three of these at Staples for less so, there you go. Other than that a great trick.

Jason Morales
Frixion Pen review

This is an mind blowing trick. I wish it came with suggetions on how to use it. This is what I did I wrote on a piece of paper using the gaff pen and a normal blck pen, The name of the card is = ten of hearts just make a wierd I on the last is so it almost looks like a T. To force the ten of hearts I just used a hindu flash force. This simple trick has got me the what the beep respones that you always hope for it felt magical. A grill lighter seems to work better than a regular one because it makes more heat. If you do card magic or mentalism its worth getting the Frixion Pen.

felimon maque
should not show the picture of the actual pen..

ive been using this for 3 years now..and i still get reaction with this you can make a bunch of prediction paper with this..i wish im the only one using this pen..its really worth it..

Ben Cranston
Absolutely SHOCKS spectators.

I'm so glad that Ellusionist has finally discovered this excellent product. I've been using Frixion pens for years to take card predictions to the next level. Finding their card is one thing, revealing it by BURNING AWAY everything but the name of the card is something else entirely. You WILL NOT regret this purchase - I guarantee it!

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