Adam Grace

Ask a spectator to wrap his own quarter in a plain napkin you give him. The magician doesn't touch either the napkin or coin until the spectator finally hands it to the magician to demonstrate the freezing. The napkin helps protect from the cold that will occur. [Note: there are no chemicals on the napkin and none in the magician's mouth or on his hands]

Summoning a change in his body temperature, the magician begins to blow freezing air onto the napkin, causing the napkin to become ice cold. He unwraps the quarter and, leaving it sitting by itself on the napkin, without even touching it, he blows on the coin.

The quarter frosts over white and freezes visually. When picked up by a spectator the coin is bitter cold and still white from frost.

Frozen was generated by the mind of Adam Grace. It is workable and practical. Our team noted that in every street performance the spectators had no answer except that Adam must have really changed his body temperature.

"...falls into an often-claimed, but rarely attained category called: what real magic would look like."
– Goudinov - Ellusionist Forum Moderator

A new realm of magic has entered out of the cold. Harness it today, in download or DVD format.


" Visually stunning, extremely so .... and I've seen it all - or thought I had.”
- David Smith - Ellusionist Forum Elite Member

Customer Reviews

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I do not get why everyone says that the effect is dangerous, too much hassle, and too expensive or hard to get the stuff to perform. All are entirely untrue! It's true that if you misuse the gimmick or are irresponsible with it you can get hurt. So what? You can get hurt with anything if you misuse it. It only takes thirty or so seconds to set up for the performance, which you can do before your show. Or if you do walk around just excuse yourself to the bathroom for a minute. The stuff required to do this trick is a very common household item. I actually had some of it laying around the house. As for where to get it, I found it for cheap at Costco in bulk, which is good.
The build-able gimmick which allows you to do the trick without the napkin works well and is practical in most situations, though at times can be a little angle sensitive.
All in all, Frozen is a great product, definitely worthy to be in the ellusionist store!


This works great and gets amazing reactions its is soo easy and effective but the stuff you have to buy for it isn't cheap and hard to get out, I'm not giving any more away


Personally not my favorite trick. The set up is annoying and if you let it site for awhile it does not work and you have nothing to say, but if it does work then it is pretty cool.


I LOVE this effect! What everyone says is correct, however, in that it's not extremely practical for ALL situations. I think if you PLAN to do "impromptu" magic then it will be wonderful. Think about where you will be and what time you'll perform and you can likely find a necessary "holding area" for your gimmick until performance time. Super cool! pun intended!

Not practical

I like to be able to perform when the moment is right. Sometimes I'll be at a party for an hour before someone asks me to do a trick for everyone. I like to let it happen naturally like that. I have found this trick to be so impractical for my style. There are so many limitations and to me it hasn't been worth it.
However, it is a great idea and I wish there was a way I could keep it in my repertoire. For the concept alone I give it 3 stars.

Minds = Blown

I use the first method shown on the DVD when I perform this and it kills. There are down falls but its just amazing.

Pretty good

I'd say the only bad thing about this is after you do *SECRET* you can only perform within 15, maybe 30 minutes, so it's very inconvenient. Well, unless you make the gimmick, but it's sort of confusing to make. So if you want to do this you would probably have to carry the *SECRET* with you and just take a trip to the bathroom. But the thing is, you do NOT WANT TO DO THIS IN SCHOOL! I got in trouble because a teacher found out that I had *SECRET* and called my mom who got really mad at me because I disobeyed her :P Anyway, the visuals are very great, and the reactions...oh the reactions :D I made a group of six girls go nuts, they were screaming XD. So, in a nutshell, great effect, but inconvenient :P

Absolutely terrible

I can't express how much I hate this trick. (And yes, this is coming from a coin magician.)

The gimmick will only last for a maximum of thirty minutes, (edited for exposure)

The other thing is, I've almost gotten frostbite TWICE trying to set this up!

Overall, it's not worth the risk and the gimmick doesn't last NEARLY as long as it should.


just got it and i love the technique. yes you have to make it yourself but i do like tinkering around with methods so i am going to have fun with this...


This trick is amazing. I haven't gotten to perform it yet, and honestly i'm a little nervous with this one. I'm new to the "magicians world". But if this is pulled off correctly, it can be amazing. The instructional dvd is so easy to follow, practice practice practice.

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