Gaff System

This system has something for everyone beginners, pros, intermediates, workers, social media magicians, and creators… with a few extra gaff cards that will get your juices flowing and your brain thinking.

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The secrets contained within this gaff system do not lay within the cards themselves, but rather in the devious constructs and notions which bring the cards to life.

Only when these methods of deception are learned will you truly understand the power you’ll hold within the palm of your hand.

Designed over a lifetime in magic, Lloyd Barnes brings you a treatise in visual card magic.

This gaff deck combines principles of science, optical illusion, engineering and sleight of hand that will introduce you to a treasure trove of visual magic.

Each card in this set has been hand designed, tested, worked and refined to ensure that when you crack the deck open and begin learning the secrets, you’ll be ready to blur the lines between reality and science fiction right in front of your audience’s eyes.

Whats in the box

“This is my life’s work on visual, gaff card magic. Be careful to not share the secrets within and treat the cards with respect. In return, they will give back to you more than you could ever imagine.”

- Lloyd Barnes

The Routines


Stuffed tighter than a 12inch meat-feast Pizza in a 9inch box, these routines, tricks, and effects will open up creative doors that until now, have remained locked.

Blending Lloyd’s signature hyper-visual style with this unique gaff system will change the way you do card magic. Opening a new world of practical yet fooling card miracles all contained inside one deck.

With over FIVE hours of explanations, Lloyd will take you through 23 uniquely different routines. Ensuring you know how to wield this system to its fullest potential. Giving you tuition, tips, and advice on how to take your visual card magic from “good” to “elite” status. 

These tricks are so visual, during practice, you'll be fooled by your own reflection. 

What you'll learn

This system has something for everyone beginners, pros, intermediates, workers, social media magicians, and creators… with a few extra gaff cards that will get your juices flowing and your brain thinking.

Loaded with secrets never shared before, in Lloyd’s most ambitious projects ever.

Grab your Lloyd Barnes Gaff System now.

Lloyd Barnes tells all...

Customer Reviews

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Joe Turner
Sooo good.

I should have picked this up earlier, as with everything ellusionist this is made so well and is great fun to learn.

Sam Friefeld

Gaff System

Geoffrey Campbell

This gaff system is innovative and quality made. I have seen many gaff systems in the past and these are hands down the best I've handled. Also having the deck explained by Lloyd Barnes himself brings the experience to another level. Worth ever penny.

Marty Nordlof
Gaff System—Lyons Barnes

Lloyd Barnes Gaff System—These gaff cards are very creative. I think that the magic community should seriously consider how innovative Lloyd’s system is. Take for instance, Box Through Card—what a clever use of a card case, and what about his Black Out effect of vanishing a card with your phone, and there’s other original black art ideas in this deck as well as coin effects. It’s fun to think of your own tricks using these cards or perhaps inventing new gaff cards yourself.

Dennis Brown

So af

Justin Ullery
Lloyd Barnes Gaff System

I am going to college in January and was looking for some cards and magic to bring with me. LOVED the COHORTS that came with the HTRM kit by Peter Turner.

While looking through and trying to find something in the shop, I stumbled across the Gaff System by Lloyd Barnes made for the COHORTS deck. And so I added it to my cart and received in just above a weeks time (which is incredible might I add, due to the issues ordering anything has). But no, I got it really quick!

When I opened up the package and saw that the Gaff System was not just the gaff deck shoved in an envelope. Instead, it came in a beautiful box made to not only store the gaff deck, but also display it.
And then on top of that, it came with a regular COHORTS deck. So even if I didn't buy any COHORTS decks, I could start performing with the deck provided with the gaff deck.

Both decks are in amazing quality as expected. And the gaffs provided are not only clever, but ingenious. I have ready performed a few for the family.

My favorite is the gaff where you get the 2nd card to melt through the top.

Great work Lloyd and the people at Ellutionists.

Brandon Voight
A wonderful Gaff collection with over 20 routines

A wonderful Gaff collection with over 20 routines. As with all Gaff cards, the magician needs a strong performance to ‘sell’ the illusion, and some sleight of hand skills will improve most of the tricks, but for a beginner and intermediate magician, this set, along with some practice will provide some jaw-dropping reactions. Great value too, considering there are 23 routines, the gaff cards, a second deck (both Cohorts), and all the tutorials. Bravo!

Gaff? More like actual magic!

I am an amateur magician, who doesn’t necessarily like gimmicks, but these gaffs surpass even gimmicks. they are entire effects. The simple gimmicks that you make, however, are even more fooling and easy to make. Even I, who had no experience making flap cards or ones of the sort, found the process very easy and simple to do with whatever cards, orientation, or shape I need! Great system, I will be definitely be buying another set!

Phillip Allard
Gaff System Review

Wow.. So much great magic on this site!... The cards I ordered are packed with hours of tricks to keep me practicing and learning. 2 Thumbs way up!

jeff kempton
I love it!!!

Great gaff set!!