IceShot by Valdemar Gestur


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Great effect. However, was a bit disappointed that there were no verbal instructions. Just a 10 minute video where the first 7 minutes just show the magician performing variations of the same effect followed by a short explanation.
As a stroke survivor my ability to capture visual input has been diminished. I NEED audible instructions too.
Nevertheless.., it's still a really cool effect. I just wish I had know prior to purchasing the download because I would've gladly spent my money on another effect that I could actually listen to.


This trick is amazing. the technique is quite hard to do but with enough practise it will look great.


Nice views on the video, covering all technical aspects and a great soundtrack to go with. A little hard to get for beginners but sweet trick though. Thanks!

Like it

It is really easy to make the card eject. It is amazingly hard to make it go in the same direction every time. I think I'll have it down with time, but I'm positive that it will take time. I also found that softer-stocked decks (or older ones, that just don't have that same snap) don't shoot the card as fast.
All in all it is a very good and visual move for card revelations and productions. It just takes practice. Lots of it.

Very Cool Reveal

This is absolutely awesome, great way to reveal a spectators card during an ambitious card routine. It would make a good finisher and requires minimal setup to accomplish, that can all be done with just a little card handling and right in front of spectators. This was a great trick all around :).

Why four stars? No vocal use. I don't know if perhaps you're not great at English there Valdemar, but some explanation would have helped greatly.

For example, less pressure gets a better result.

Please read this as this is what you are facing by buying this trick

This is the first trick I bough without following my gut. I usually research every trick I buy and determine whether or not I should be able to do it. I am a beginner to SOH's and I thought that this would be a good start. I mean I read that it took alot of practice and that it was for intermediates. I thought that with relentless practice I would get this down. Boy was I wrong. Seriously when they say intermediate they MEAN intermediate. As in 'not for beginners'! It's a good trick (and I was able to pull it off like 1/20 times) but if your a noob at SOH's than pass on this until you gain more experience.

(F.Y.I. I literally practiced until my little finger started to bleed(I mean REALLY bleed) and I still did not get it completely down. Seriously it is difficult.)

takes work but looks nice

it will take practice to get it clean and where you want it but not really that still fairly new to cards and i picked up on it pretty fast so it your good with cards you should get it in no time..but looks cool once you get it down.

Nice Trick

This is really a nice trick. You need to practice it a lot but if you can master it, it's really worth the effort and money.

surprising original reveal

I'm always looking for original ways to land tricks and I must say that this one is very original. It takes practice to get it right and even more time to get the handling down but in the end the practice pays off with an incredible ending.

The teaching is silent but was easy enough to follow.

Thanks for the great concept Valdemar and Ellusionist, this was totally worth my lunch money.

Beautiful Idea

I was surprised by the technique in this effect. It is the silent teaching method, but is easy enough to understand. Don't really like the "glass deck" but it is also taught with a normal deck. If you like color changes you will appreciate this. Put in the work and it will be very useful.

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