Lloyd Barnes

IRIS is the most visible bill-penetration imagined. A practical, brilliantly thought out effect using a one dollar bill and a Bicycle playing card. 

The spectator witnesses actual fibers of the currency dissolve straight through the card. 

IRIS is the most visible bill-penetration imagined. A practical, brilliantly thought out effect using a one dollar bill and a Bicycle playing card.

The spectator witnesses actual fibers of the currency dissolve straight through the card.

Comes with specially made gimmick which makes everything possible and cleans up easily.


- Almost self-working
- Use borrowed Bill
- Make your card magic more organic

Get IRIS today.

Format : Shippable Gimmick & Downloadable video.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 15 minutes.


Do you do other currencies or is it just US Dollars? We offer the option for UK, EURO, US & CANADIAN denominations. *NOTE* Currently we only have the UK style in stock.

Is this the same gimmick as Change? 
No, absolutely not. This is a completely different method.

Are there any lighting or clothing restrictions with this? No. Absolutely none.

Will the shipping be expensive on this? 
The gimmick is VERY light which reduces shipping significantly, probably less than you're expecting. Add to cart now for your quote.

What are the angles like on this? The angles for this are fantastic. There is a 180degree coverage, so performing to individuals or groups of people is easy.

Will you bring other currencies soon? If you live outside those regions, we're sorry, but we won't be making any more variations for the foreseeable future.

Can I perform this with other back designs? The gimmick is made to work with Blue Bicycle Rider Back decks.

How long does the gimmick last? Refills will be offered, but the gimmick if looked-after, should last you over a year of solid performances.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jonathon Robert Allwood
Fade in ( iris)

To me this is an automatically effect that you + to a different types of note effect it can be a clear close up opener effect for a wonderful note effect or it could be used as a ending of a note effect!


Old 10 note. I was really looking forward to using this but when it got to me I noticed it was for the old 10 note, so it is unusable. Very annoyed, I should have spotted it in the picture. Wasted money


This entire routine is well done. Lloyd's routine and explanation is what makes this great. He really breaks it down into detail. This is one that I will carry along with me. The only con for me is that it doesn't come in a red back. But that is just a personal preference.


The concept and idea of the trick is amazing. I love the way he teaches the trick. It's easy to do. It looks awesome when it feels like the bill is melting. 5 STARS to Lloyd Barnes and Ellusionist. Awesome!!!!!!


Have performed it now for a couple of weeks, great reactions and easy to do, take your time and milk it, i carry the deck everywhere now. Could do with a couple of different card, just to buy, i.e a mix of numbers and suites, i could then repeat to the same group an hour or two later. Only a 4 because of this, but the trick a definite 5+

Marco Dieguez

Wow. Real magic is what I see and what I hear when I perform this trick. Lloyd explains how to perform down to the T. All I can say is I'm a fan of Lloyd now and will be looking into other effects.

Trevor Race

I usually don't love tricks that involve cards, as I am not a card magician by any means, and feel a bit weird bringing out a card for one trick.
That being said, this trick SLAMS people SO hard, they won't even realize you are using a card. They are so blown away after this trick that they are almost always at a loss for words. Those who do have a vocal reaction are usually yelling or screaming because they can't believe what they just saw.

This little gem is my favorite trick at the moment, and I honestly don't see that changing any time soon. I hate telling you to buy this, because I want to be special, and can't do that if you all have it. But honestly, if you don't buy this, you are just a fool.

Race Blakhart

Lloyd has totally redeemed himself in my eyes. I feel like he took advantage of people with "Change", but IRIS IS PURE GOLD! This is a quality piece, great method, and it blows people away! Seriously, it doesn't matter what type of magic you do, this is worth owning. I may have to buy a backup, due to the fact that this one is never leaving my wallet.


This is awesome! The gimmick looks very convincing, even up close, and the handling of this is pretty easy. Just practice in the mirror to make sure that you have it setup properly. For the price, you definitely should get this!

Patrick Allen

I'm only giving this 4 stars simply because I wish it was a universal gimmick. The trick itself is 5 stars . It kills. I have so many custom decks and now all I carry is a pack of bikes . I didn't want to leave a review without testing this in the real world. So many people leave reviews right after they learn something without actually road testing it . I have to say it's a very fun and visual trick. It's organic and it kills. Great job Lloyd on this.

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