In 2012, Peter McKinnon and Daniel Madison collaborated on a video project in the dry lake-beds of Las Vegas, not quite realising at that time such a simple meeting of two creative minds would lead them to The KINGS deck.

Whenever Peter and Daniel work together, waves are made and a unique creative vessel is opened. The Kings deck is the ultimate representation of their joint creative forces.

Peter and Daniel spent a lot of time brainstorming, designing and creating their ideal deck of cards… Cards that would be fit for Kings.

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Peter and Daniel were meticulous and scrupulous with their requirements for the deck. They tested numerous stocks and finishes until they found and created a unique Kings finish and stock. The cards were traditionally cut to further advance gambling techniques, they are sturdy yet flexible enough for cardistry and sleight-of-hand.

They wanted a box that would look like a block of gold - direct from the Kings share - with a deck of cards perfectly designed to cater for both minimalistic beauty and a stunning design, but it didn’t stop there…

Peter and Daniel decided to make the Kings deck a secret weapon right out of the box… Readily stacked in Mnemonica AND fully marked so that not only would the performer be able to identify every single card in the deck by the back alone, but also have the ability perform instant Mnemonica miracles. They added a double-backer and two unique and personalised jokers, and on top of that, they lost the ad-card and replaced it with an Angle Z Gaff card.

Two years in the making, Peter and Daniel returned to Las Vegas to celebrate their creation and film a heist that would represent their collaborative brilliance.

When you purchase the KINGS deck, you will gain instant access to a 30 minute download featuring Peter and Daniel, teaching several tricks with your new cards & the gaffs included. A PDF will also be sent with instructions on how to learn the markings on the back of the cards.

This is, the KINGS deck.


SWITCH - The Kings deck is perfect for the Gambling / Magic Crossover. Due to the design being far away enough from the border, it provides you with an almost 'borderless' feel for your gambling demonstrations yet still makes traditional sleight of hand a breeze for reversed cards, doubles, and other misc sleights.

ANGLE Z - In EVERY Kings deck, we have included a reputation making gimmick referred to as the 'Angle Z' Card. Rip off the corner, and physically melt it directly on to the back making an impossible object and a lifetime keepsake for your spectator. This free GAFF will get you some serious street cred.

RHYTHM - Creativity comes in many forms. Perhaps you like to paint on playing cards, stack them, etch them, display them - or make music with them. Be inspired to think outside the box and see what you can come up with!


As part of the campaign for KINGS, Peter & Daniel sent out a select number of decks to our favourite Instagram users across the world. Decks were sent through the States, Canada, France, Scotland, even as far as Slovakia. These users then posted their artistic brilliance that captured the KINGS brand, with the utmost precision and creativity.

Thomas Hlavaty
Tomas Hlavaty - All the way from Slovakia, Tomas is an exceptional artist with some wild penmanship and typography skills. He is well known for painting on playing cards and having an incredible precision in doing so. Tomas can be found on Instagram at tomashlavaty
Adam Kirby
Adam Kirby - Otherwise known as 'playingcardart' in the Instagram community, takes some truly remarkable photographs. One of the best photographers around shooting our subject matter. It was a no brainer to get a deck of KINGS in his hands the second they rolled off the press. How he managed to not get the deck covered in what appears to be black tar is impressive, to say the least!
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay - A fellow Canadian to our team up north! Chris is a unique and creative force constantly pumping out meaningful, and thought provoking art with playing cards. Typically, there are too many photos of his we enjoy to pick just one. He can be found on Instagram at chrisramsay52
Benoit Pervier
Benoit Pervier - All the way from France, Benoit constantly pumps out imagery that makes us laugh, think and marvel. Often clever, or a play on the actual name of the deck / cards, Benoit has an instantly recognizable style and we are thrilled to see the cards in his hands. he can be found on Instagram at benoitpervier
Jeremy Griffith
Jeremy Griffith - Known as 'Lost Angelus' online -The master of levitation and 'floatation' pictures. This guy will make anything float - digitally of course ;) Aside taking some wild floating shots of decks of cards, Jeremy adds a creative twist with making those cards float in patterns and orientations that only the privy understand. He can be found on Instagram at lost_angelus

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Please, reprint this masterpiece!


These cards handle beautifully ... fanning like butter.

The marks are, well, less satisfying ... and harder to discuss in a possibly public posting. The short version is: there's a difference between "easy to see" and "easy to read". Yes, the marks are easy to see...with a bit of care, I can read them at normal distance. Understanding them ("reading"), however, is more difficult than it should be, in several ways I'd be happy to discuss in private. As for the difficulty-to-read being an asset when dealing with lay people: no. It isn't. It's the difficulty-to-spot that matters. If they spot any mark/differentiation, they know the card is marked ... and the damage is done. Being able to decode the marks might add insult to injury, but ... you're already compromised :)

I'd encourage the production of a "Kings 2.0" deck with a better encoding system using the same marking mechanism. I can't resist a small hint, so let's make that "Kings 10" instead.

As Andrew mentioned, the reds could be redder. But after writing this review in purple with a black background, let's blame the color-challenged people at Ellusionist, too :)


These are amazing!! Love the fact they add in a double back and an Angle Z card as well. They feel nice and the box looks fantastic!


this is for me work as weapon, the secret mark system is hidden really well, im kind of lazy magician sometime when i don't wanna pass, force or anything like that..
i give 4 start because the box is really easy damage. over all really love this cards


I would definitely recommend these cards for use. Great finish on the cards, very smooth and nice to handle. The marking system is extremely nice and complicated enough to where your audience would never find out, but are easy to memorize for yourself to read quickly and know the card at a glance. Takes about a day or two depending on your personal memory skill, but just print the PDF out, staple it all together, and study it when you have free time. I'm very impressed by Madison and Mckinnon's work. Keep it up!


stock and finish is perfect, but the box gets marked up easly, so be careful


These cards handle so well, i swear its like im not even touching them when i perform slights and the angle z gaff is just too good , if you clicked on this page the mext thing you should click is ADD.TO.CART and its really fun to hustle your friends XD 10/10 would buy again


These cards are dope


I have owned many different decks and this is by far one of my favorites. It has a wonderful finish and beautiful simplistic design. The only negative is how dark the red pips are, almost black. This has frequently confused people I have preformed for. The stock and traditional cut make it a great deck for flourishing. I would highly recommended investing in this deck


Overall, this is truly a great deck of cards. If you are looking for a deck that you can perform with on the street or at home, this would be a perfect fit. Though I would say that the back design is a little plain, the marking system is genius and the angle Z card is very useful. So do not hesitate to buy his deck.

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