Lava: Coin Through Card Gaff

LAVA is super easy to perform.

The gimmick does all of the work, but takes none of the heat. 

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LAVA is a card device from Antonio Bourgeois.

It looks like a normal card, but it can make coins vanish, appear or transpose. 

It's been expertly engineered by hand and features a unique switching mechanism that feels like something Iron Man would make. 

Because of the way it's designed, LAVA is super-easy to use. 

The double backed gimmick does all of the work - but takes none of the heat. 

LAVA is constructed on Blue Bicycle Rider-back stock to and can be added to/palmed away from your normal deck. 

This handmade approach ensures we can deliver quality, but it also means this product must be limited. 

Get yours today!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Joe VanDunk

I’m learning the trick and thinking out the box to make it my own. I will send a video when I do.

Eugene Ramos
Dude no way.

That’s the responses I received over and over again when showing Lava. I highly recommend you buy this now. Hearing my 85 year old grandma saying “Dude No Way” is priceless. Thanks Ellusionist for a great tool to amaze with.

Charles Gauthier
So hot!

Melts a coin quickly and in the blink of an eye. Coin switch made easy.


Looks like real magic!

Adam P Bisson
Lava - This trick is on fire!!

Excellent construction!! If you buy a second Lava you can do SO MANY MORE TRICKS!! Worth the money $$$$

Jordan Wong
One of the coolest tricks ever

This is the most versatile ways to get a coin through a card. I’ll definitely be using this in my repertoire 🔥

Rick Strother

I love lava as it’s so fun to do and perform for people as everyone enjoys it and it’s so enjoyable to do, I give it a five star rating.

Super cool, but…too big of Hole

Great gag but…Without an American coin, the hole is too big! Y’all don’t sell quarters, do you? (I purchased the Kennedy half’s, and Mafia coins)

Good Trick

I like it but the flap gets stuck sometimes even after it is broken in