Marbles II

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They move at 100mph... When held perfectly still. 


A few years ago we held a deck design tournament and after 3 punishing rounds, the people's champ was Marbles. A trippy, colorful deck that dominated the competition.

But what most people didn't know, was that Marbles had a trippier, more bizarre brother. Marbles II. At the time, people just weren't ready to see them. 

Featuring a wild optical illusion on the back of the cards, Marbles II is a deck that doesn't ask for attention... It just takes it. 

The cards aren't really moving, but your eyes will tell you a different story. This makes Marbles II one of the most fun decks you're ever likely to play with - but don't just take our word for it.

Marbles II is the best-selling Mystery Deck of all time...

"How? It's brand new, isn't it?"

True, but before we reveal brand new decks, we secretly give them to Mystery Deck buyers first. 

Without a doubt, this is the most highly-reviewed, most purchased Mystery Deck in history.

Check out some of our Marbles II reviews below...

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marbles II reviews 2 - Ellusionist
marbles II reviews 3 - Ellusionist


"Everything we see is perspective - not truth."


There's a huge crossover between magic and optical illusions. A lot of people think magic is just that - a trick of the eye or mind. 

That's what drew us to creating this deck. 

The deck is printed here in the United States, on USPCC Crushed Stock. It's a thinner, durable stock that takes a hammering and just smiles right back at you. 

From the tucks to the aces and everything in between, Marbles II is tailor-made. There are no copy/paste features or untouched faces. This is custom, through and through.

Get your Marbles II decks today, while stocks last.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Johnston

What a unique deck of cards for my collection. They look great and handle great. The optical illusion is really strong!

Nicholas Tangredi

I was on the fence about getting these but I'm glad I did. The design looks great in person and it adds a little something to my closeup routine. Card stock is nice and they handle well. I'll be getting more with my next order.

Michael Brown
Love this site

Bought several decks and a few illusions for Christmas for my boys. Very prompt delivery and great service. I’d like to see more gadgets as your site grows but keep up the great posts and work!


The cards are beautiful, and they got here much quicker than expected. I am very pleased.

Thank you!

Frances Vookles
Great Quality

These are very nice playing cards. I’m excited to give them to my son for Christmas.

Another great deck from Ellusionist

Look and feel great!

Daniel Mailloux
returning magician

absolutely great deck. from the illusions designed onto the backs of the cards and the face cards and the aces, to the feel of the deck, makes learning magic again truly superb. shout out to Chris Ramsay for sparking the love of decks as a culture and collectable in me.

Roger Kelly
Great customer service

Very friendly and handled all of my newbie questions. Thank you

Jack Cotte
Marbles II

Hands down best deck of cards I have ever purchased. Smooth, silky, light. 10/10 would recommend (no i’m not a bot these are just perfect cards)

FINALLY!!!! A USPCC Deck and NOT E7, E7, E7, or E7.....! Phew!

All I can do is share my personal truth, for a review such as this.

Not only is this deck not the same as the last dozen or so, design-wise, but INDEED, we've achieved a KILLER Back-Design Deck, (face cards are almost there.....) BUT now, it's USPCC Quality AMAZINGNESS!!!!!

I do not want to sound as if I've got no love for the same ol' e7 that it seems as if each & every Deck I buy just blah blah bores me to sleep, and then into the bottom of the latest shoebox.... I love my Marbles v1's! I wish I would've bought a brick! I've torn them boyz to shredz by now..... BUT, When these go on sale next month. I just might buy myself TWO BRICKS, baby!

Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine, ya scumbags!

Glad to have something nice to say to E, for once!
Good stuff. Y'all!