Manipulating Ink. It's a power we wish we had in high school. With a swipe of the finger that C- changes to an A+. Come on, you've thought about it too.

Matthew Duarte's been an A+ student for years. With the thinking behind MDX4 - it's easy to see why.

Eric Jones walks you through the handling of this highly commercial magic - perfect for a walkaround environment.

• No Special Pens Required - Use a Normal Sharpie
• 5 Second Reset.
• Multiple Methods Taught;
• Any Card can be used - Spectator's choice
• Spectator Draws X's AND Signs Card Themselves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jordan Walsh

visual and easy even a beginner can do this! highly recommended!

Michael Carangi

This is one of the best illusions on ... If done correctly it will be a Career Builder. It does take some time and it does take some practice, but anything in life that's amazing takes little work. No matter what else you may read ... I have performed this trick in a bar, surrounded ... and the response was nothing short of amazing ... . I think this is the trick of the year. Don't even hesitate, if you were thinking of buying anything .... this is it!!! If there were 10 stars, I would have clicked 10!!

sean bennett

very visual i recomend this for begginers

Hunter Drago

An incredible worker of a trick that will kill even the most skeptical of spectators.

Oliver Sorensen

This is one of the BEST tricks on Ellusionist! Worth the Money! And its worth the time to make the gimmick! :D
I just love this trick! <3

Joel Luna

It caught my attention when i read about it. It is definitely worth the price and its a reputation maker. You can't go wrong with MDX4

Nickolas Cason

Pretty awesome it is easy the gimmick is quick to make and it actually has a reset if you prepare i would say get it!

Personal Preference

The Trick:
The idea to this trick is very creative and is well thought out, blowing the spectators minds when the sequence is perfectly smooth. It includes 2 variations on how to show the trick. Explanations are very understandable, showing each step with massive detail on how to make the gimmick with some personal advice by Matthew Duarte.

The Performance:
When performing this ellusion, it does not require any hard sleight of hand, just some basic skills every magician performing card magic should already know, and to people new to magic, will not take that much time to learn the move it self, however may need some time to make the sequence smooth, ready for actual performing.

The Gimmick:
The gimmick may take some time to make, and might be difficult for some people.

The Tools:
Most of the things used to make this gimmick you will already have, if not can be easily obtainable in your local stores.

Personal Opinion:
When actually preforming the trick, it maybe hard to hand over the deck when asking the spectator to write in X in all 4 corners. I ask them to write them while the pack is in my hand, giving them a reason such as "I will hold steady for you while you write the X's in all 4 corners." You will need some space between your audience if not, keen spectators have a chance to see the gimmick. The gimmick it self will need fixing after using it a couple of times, and will need to be made again after it gets old.

The Conclusion:
I'd give this trick 4 stars as it self. The trick is awesome when seeing it on video, however maybe disappointing to people who were expecting more of a dynamic, very creative gimmick, even though the trick it self is awesome and blows minds when performing it perfectly smoothly. I gave this 5 stars at the end giving it a extra star to the actually effect it self, because what the spectator will actually see is a 5 star mind blowing effect, not realizing how it works, which only us magicians need to know.

Best Matrix Ever!

The performance just blew me away and there was one thing I had to do. ADD TO CART and pay now! The creation of the gimmick is like an art lesson but the work is WORTH IT! Epic teaching, Mr.Jones and have my regards to Mr.Duarte for such an amazing trick!

magic jazz

best trick ever!pretty claver way!add to the cart now!

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