Mystery Deck


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Get an unreleased or rare deck - Guaranteed

No filler. No seconds. No slow-selling decks


The Ellusionist mystery deck is a guaranteed way to own an unreleased (not previously for sale on Ellusionist) or rare deck from our warehouse. 

Often, we print 3 or 4 decks ahead of our releases and this is a super fun way to let you share in our excitement of upcoming decks. 

For just $12.95 you'll be guaranteed a currently unreleased or rare deck. No filler, no seconds, and no slow-selling playing cards.

NOTE: DROP 21 is now over. The deck has changed (on July 18th, 2023) and this begins DROP 22. 

If you bought the Mystery Deck before July 18, 2023, this purchase today will be a different, unreleased deck. 

Please note, our Mystery deck isn't a random choice from a selection of different decks. Instead, it's one rare or unreleased deck that changes every month or so. 

This means ordering more than 1 deck will give you duplicates of the same design.


Customer Reviews

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Matt Godinho
High Quality Cards!

Everything from the cards to the box are very high quality. Feels great to shuffle and learn cardistry with. Design is simple, but does capture the intended “western” look. While the design i got is not my favorite, they are still great cards and add some variety to my newly started collection.

Martin Contreras
Great surprise

I enjoy every deck from Ellusionist, this one is my favorite just based on feel and durability. I hope more cards come this durable and medium thickness

Oliver taylor
Awsome deck

Good stuff guys keep it up

Bradley Steinke
Mystery Deck

Love the deck. Got mine with black Friday sales. Beyond worth the money!


It’s a mystery so can’t tell you much. Nice pack no markings and a two way back. A nice design but one day I’d like to receive a marked deck.

Oli J
Amazing Mystery Deck

Lovely deck of cards with a beautiful pack, unique card faces and wonderful feel to the cards

Mahy Amiri Jansen

Mystery Deck

Fully recommended

My recent acquisition of an Ellusionist deck has been a delight for any collector. While not intended for performance, this deck offers several compelling features:

The Ellusionist deck is a limited edition, making it a highly sought-after collectible. Its quality craftsmanship ensures its longevity, and the attention to detail in both the cards and packaging is commendable. It's a collector's treasure that adds charm to any card collection


Great products great information. Thank you Ellusionist

Sick Deck

I won't lie, this isn't my favorite deck out of my collection, but I'm so glad I got it. It diversifies my collection a bit and as I've used it it has grown on me a ton. Obviously super high quality deck and what is underrated in my opinion is how cool (and high quality) the card box is. Very happy with this and can't wait until they drop a new deck because I will be buying it immediately.