Mystery Legacy Book

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Get a completely random book from Peter Turner's Legacy Collection. 

The collection is 10 individual books, but this is for 1 of those 10 books, at random. 

You won't know which one you have until you open it. 

Customer Reviews

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Toran Slyther
Wonderful surprise!

Good read so far, definitely a great bonus on my order!

T Bravo
Lots of good information and point of view

Goes into good information about mentalism tricks and the physiological effects used to make it happen

Phil Dennis
Some really nice methods to try

I give the Book 10 "Misc. Mentalism" 4/5 stars since the writing style I found a bit difficult to fully get the message. It took several readings for me to fully digest the methods. Of course, others may not find this to be the case. It is not a show stopper. Nonetheless I found the effects interesting and some to definitely try to master.