Tobias Dostal

Optix isn't restricted by the ability to use only one kind of phone, it's universal. Borrow a spectator's phone, then hand them your phone to film the magic... In an instant, their phone vanishes into thin air. No sleeves. No pulls. GONE.

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Note: This new version of Optix was designed with a new, upgraded button to make it easier for all levels of dexterity to use the gimmick. 

Optix was, without a doubt THE #1 TRICK OF MAGIC LIVE.

If you were there, you know what this is and you don't need to read further. The 'add to cart button' is ready for you.

Chances are, if you were there, you've still got the evidence on your phone, because you recorded it. Do you remember the chatter spreading around the convention, the reactions, the child-like feeling of being completely amazed again? It's what magic is about.

During this convention, Tobias Dostal was constantly surrounded by the biggest names in magic. Daniel Garcia, Doug McKenzie, Dan White, Kenner, Patrick Kun, Garrett Thomas, John Stessel... The list goes on.

We heard through the grapevine that David Copperfield himself specifically came to the Orleans casino to see one effect... This effect. Optix.

Offers from various prominent performers were made to obtain this effect for their private shows and TV spots. 

However, what they didn't know was that Ellusionist and Tobias were specifically IN Las Vegas to film it. 

Tobias Says

"This is my favorite thing that I've EVER created. I'm so proud of it and want as many magicians as possible to perform OPTIX."

- Tobias (Toby) Dostal, Optix creator.

 Android & iPhone 

The gimmick Toby was using to fool everyone in the trailer (filmed in Las Vegas) was built at his studio. He pieced it together out of spare parts and filled his office with the unforgivable smoke that only soldered metal could give off.

Art is dedication.

However, Ellusionist has taken that gimmick to the next level. With our superb manufacturing contacts, we've created a sleek, robust, universal gimmick.

Charged by a magnetic-locking usb cable in under an hour, the battery gives off over 2 and a half hours of illumination.

If the average requirement for the light during performance is 30 seconds, that's around 300 performances per charge. 



Optix can be used for a multitude of vanishes and transpositions. However, there is one stand-out routine that seems impossible.

This routine, if performed, cannot be followed.

Borrow a spectator's phone, then hand them your phone to film the magic... In an instant, their phone vanishes into thin air. No sleeves. No pulls. GONE.

When they ask where their phone is, you point to their own hands. The phone they've been holding the entire time is THIER phone.

That means they filmed their phone vanishing, on their own phone. It's only confusing because the laws of science shouldn't allow it to be possible.

Their phone exists in two different places... At the same time.



Amongst that critically-acclaimed version of Optix, Toby gives other superb routines and methods including:

routines with Optix


Phones come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

In the trailer you'll see Toby perform Optix with gold phones, black phones, white phones, Androids, iPhones, phones with cases, phones with pop-sockets... It genuinely doesn't matter.

Optix isn't restricted by the ability to use only one kind of phone, it's universal.

Toby will teach you exactly what you need to do to overcome every kind of phone your audience could hand you... and that chapter is only 5% of the entire tuition video, so there isn't a lot to overcome with this ingenious gimmick. It just works.

With thousands of performances and 13 different production samples, if you can name it, we've seen it and fixed it... so you can feel comfortable during performance.

In this 90 minute training video, Toby covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Optix, so you can get the most out of it.



Most of them are still speechless, but Toby reached out to three of his favorite magicians to see what they thought 6 months after seeing it. Did the hype wear off? Does it still hold up? 

This is what they said:

"Optix is what magic should feel like."

- Danny Garcia


"Very few effects get me excited about the future of magic... THIS ONE DOES."

- Garrett Thomas


"That's the BEST magic trick I've seen in my entire life." 

- John Stessel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Isaac J Cotton
Best trick for the Up-to-date Magician!

This is by far the best trick there is out on the market. Taking a borrowed phone and the spectator seeing their phone vanish, just to appear in their hands, recording the trick. It is the best trick for the most modern day walk around illusionist. Easy to use and gets the best reactions. !OPTIX!

adrien riegel

In the beginning it seems a little bit hard to handle. So it needs some practice. I think the wire is too short in the one I receive (It’ easy to change so I’l change it and see). I’ve not experienced yet in public but I’m sure it will have a very big effect once I do it well

Undeniably brilliant effect, with limitations.

Firstly, the effect, as per the video is achievable with some work. Like all great magic, it's takes time and practice and Tobias is obviously the one human on Earth who can perform the effect as well as he does. Saying that, after a few hours you're 95% there, however that last 5% is the where the finesse and the art of selling the illusion lies.

Secondly, the Bond-gadget-esque gimmick is well made, a little stiff at first, definitely requires 'working in' to make it operate reliably. It's well engineered and up to the standard you'd expect from Ellusionist.

Logistically, in the real world, at gigs rather than the street, angles do have to be taken into consideration. I'd recommend maybe 100 degrees directly in front of the performer otherwise flashes of the gimmick may be seen. Performing in low light is also beneficial to the illusion as the camera light over exposes audience vision and obscures part of the gimmick as well as the BA effect also working it's magic. Saying, that, if you're ballsy, perform this smoothly and confidently then I'm sure it'd fly in most circumstances however bear in mind that Tobias is an absolute pro at this (obviously, it's his trick)!

The instructions are mostly brilliant with great tuition from the characterful Tobias. However towards the end of the instructions I noticed lots of off camera chatter as crew worked out what other types of 'vanish' they could add to beef up the content of the video. This should really have been edited out and shows a lack of QC in this department. The irony being the first 3 or 4 vanishes are more than enough for this gimmick and it certainly doesn't need extra ones that are dreamt up and quickly produced during filming. Less is more sometimes folks! Quality not quantity... etc etc.. You know what I'm saying!

Overall, this is a fantastic and undeniably brilliant piece of magic created by a very talented performer. The gimmick lives up to the hype and the quality is present throughout with the only exception being the sloppy editing towards the end of the instructions. However, make no mistake, this is beautiful magic.

Franklin Monk
So so good!

This is absolutely amazing. The thought that went into this routine and gimmick is just insane. This is something that will take practice and something that need audience management but once you have this down it will be like riding a bike. The way you can play this is pretty versatile and pretty much is just plain amazing. The tutorial is absolutely great, he goes over everything from start to finish. Just great in my opinion!

Antonio Pertuz
The Optics on "OPTIX"

I held off on purchasing Tobias Dostal's "Optix" for a LONG time because I absolutely LOVED this effect. Quite frankly I didn't want to be dissapointed by a cheap secret, construction quality or any other factor, especially the ones I couldn't possibly think of because I was at a complete loss as to what the the secret could be. But to see Dostal impress Garcia, White, Kun, COPPERFIELD (!!) see the shock of amazement and joy of a pro being fooled so badly...had to buy it. When it arrived in its very cool packaging and I opened the box, I could see that construction quality was no longer a concern. After a quick review of the multiple videos all other concerns simply evaporated. GET THIS TRICK if for no other reason but to see a glimpse of where close-up magic is headed as it combines time-honored skills with electronics and astonishingly creative problem solving. Like any trick regardless of its difficulty level, it is my opinion that this effect will require a fair amount of acquaintance and comfort with the item and techniques, but absolutely worth every minute. Optix is one of my favorite effects ever, and the best I've purchased from Ellusionist (...uhh, so far this month..)

Lowell Tolliver
Very good tricks and training

Enjoy the fun 😉

Amazingly clean and well thought out vanish of cell phone.

Been wanting this since it came out and after seeing the tutorial/explanation video, I wanted it even more! That's pretty rare!!!

Easily the best and most visual phone vanish/transpo ever. The instructional video is thorough and Tobias really goes over the thought process and nuances. A beginner could do a basic phone vanish right away, and with a little practice, the performance of the full routine is VERY doable.

Thank you Tobias and Ellusionist for continuing to provide graet Magic for us all.

This is dope!

Optix is ​​truly a wonderful effect.
Reading the reviews I was afraid it would take a long time to learn how to handle the gimmick, but it was easier than expected and I recommend you perform it even if you're not 100% sure you're making the disappearances perfectly clean.
This is a killer effect for a party situation in the evening. I trained for a couple of days and that was more than enough to amaze my friends, and I can't wait to bring this magic into a work situation. I wouldn't be very sure if I would run it in the daytime, but I will definitely try that too. If you like what you see in the video just buy it!

I also recommend joining the facebook group, where you can find tips on different handlings and gimmick customizations!


This trick is great, but I think it takes a certain kind of personality and audience management to pull it off, at least for the main trick. As a camera visual it is amazing though, and I think it is the main route I plan to take. I also bought the original gimmick, and the button was a bit hard to push, but I hear the issue has been fixed for the newer batches. Overall, great visual, and if you have an engaging (e.g. distracting) personality, the main trick will fry. It is a bit knacky though, so make sure to practice until you can do it with your eyes closed.

Travis Hansen

It's really cool and will probably be used a bunch once I can master it, but not exactly as advertised.. close but not quite.

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