Parson Switch Box

Highest Quality: Each Switch Box gimmick is made by hand, here in the United States, by the creator himself.

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Color: Blue Rider Backs


Using a tuck box to switch items is organic. Your cards are in play while you're performing magic - so your audience suspects nothing if you use the box. 

That's what makes Parson Switch Box so powerful. It's seen as a place where the magic happens and not somewhere where you can perform sleight of hand. It's separate. 

This means you can use Parson Switch Box for: 

  • Appearances
  • Vanishes
  • Switching Cards 
  • Torn & Restored 
  • Secret Switches (like the serial number effect taught) 
  • Object Switches (Card to bill) 
  • Bill Switches 
  • Forces
  • & More


Independently created by Ellusionist's Master Gaff-maker, Davey Rockit, the Parson Switch Box has been circling the underground magic community, among consultants, tv producers & lucky convention attendees.  

It uses:

  • No magnets
  • No threads
  • No elastics 

Instead, it uses gravity. Because... 

"Gravity Never Fails You"

Because of the way it works, it also means it resets instantly - and is always ready to go.

Did we mention the switch is silent? It sure is. 

Each Switch Box is handmade by the creator himself, so you know that what you're getting isn't a mass-machined item, but something of true quality - handmade here, by a craftsman in the United States. 

Available in official Bicycle Blue or Red Rider Back designs. 

Get Parson Switch Box Today. 

"The Switchbox is a concept that has been independently explored by many amazing creators such as Masuda, Mickael Chatelain & even as far back as Roterberg in 1897.

This is my contribution to an underground tool in card magic. I hope you find as much enjoyment as I have in the astonishment you can create with this utility."

- Creator, Davey Rockit


Special thanks to the House of Cards in Nashville for allowing us to film this project in your incredible venue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Alejandro Hernandez

Awesome product.....

Ray W Coleman
The Parson Switch Box

Wow, all I can say is why didn’t I think of this one!!!
So, very clever of a device to make some amazing things happen. This one is one I’ll definitely be using in my act with out a doubt!!!

Great addition to any card routine!

While practicing some sleights, I realized that I could benefit from 2 gimmicks: A deck shell, and a switch box.
The Parson Switch box is great, simple, and reliable. Easy to implement into routines. Love it!

Marc Garcia
Parson Switch Box

Good quality, simple mechanism. Only complaint is I wish it stayed in place without me having to worry about it falling out.


THIS is what ive been searching for and I didn't even know it. You're going to feel weird with it at first, but then just remember.. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE BOX.... this is an amazing utility and I have already adapted it into 2 of my routines! THIS IS SO GOOD!

Richard Gosselin
Parson Switch Box

This is perhaps the best magic trick that I have ever bought. What is so great about it is the simplicity and the versatility. It really is the Swiss Army knife of magic tricks. Don't be fooled by the simple design. What you are really getting is the ideas and the performance advice in the videos that accompany it. This Parsons Switch box rocks. It's the best value for the money that I have spent on a magic trick in a long time. Kudos! I promise you won't be disappointed.

ira Mitchell
So much for so little

To be sure, the Parsons box is a gem of a trick. It doesn't look like much upon opening the box and I wondered "what have I bought"and then I went to see if I messed up again and mysuspicions were confirmed and Lo and Behold I did. There was no tutorial of any kind in the box. No worries, I called tech support and in a flash they sent me the link. Now the wonderment began. In 30 minutes or so I got the handling on the force ans another 20 minutes I mastered the dollar bill effect. That alone made the trick worth at least twice the price.
I love doing business with these guys and will continue to do so

Parson's Box

Works pretty decent. Good quality. For a beginning "magician", it offers a a lot of other effects that I am experimenting.

M. Thomas
Fantastic illusion

Right out of the package, this trick has amazed. Everyone I’ve shown it to has been flabbergasted.

Like magic but don't know where to start? Check this out!

I recently purchased the Parson Switch Box because the initial video ad for it was amazing just to watch. As a life-long magic fan, I love close-up magic but never felt I have the talent (or patience) to do any magic. I received my order quickly in the mail and inside was everything I needed to create a stunning close-up piece of magic. Inside the envelope led me to a "secret" how-to tutorial online. I was given many different ways to present this trick and they were all amazing and fun to perform and watch! I feel really good about myself and can't wait to amaze my friends and family with this wonderful piece of magic! Thank You!!