WOOOOO! Tobias Dostal of Stay Cool fame is back at Ellusionist with PING.

Ping generates the audible 3D sound of a coin being genuinely flipped in the air.

A precision-made utility device that fools the senses... and leaves your audience floored.

  • Vanish a coin in the spectators hand
  • Make an invisible coin appear anywhere 
  • Flick nothing into the air and have it materialize in your pocket

This is more than a trick, it's a pandora's box bursting with possibilities for your coin magic.

But it doesn't stop there...

Borrow a ring, flick it in the air as it disappears into nothingness. Without hesitation you reveal that you're wearing it, or it's in your pocket, or still on the table.

In over 1 hour of explanation, Tobias oozes creativity and passion with this device and shows you how to apply it to ANY situation. Enhancing your magic with sensory overload. 

You won't believe your ears.

Get Ping TODAY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

So originally i was going to give it four stars because it broke the first day i got it. However with that said it is very easy to fix and the said part can be found at any hobby shop or Walmart for that matter. The build quality is good and i cant really see anything that they cut corners on. The product is light weight and very easy to conceal, i would recommend this product for beginners.


I love this product a lot it's highly visual especially the trick where spectator vanishes the coin and there are many other applications with this gimmick it's left to you are creativity and imagination. when coming the gimmick it's little bit nacky once you start practicing and get comfortable with the gimmick then you are ready to blow peoples mind.once again I love ping a lot . Thanks Tobias dostal for creating this trick.


I love ping. This is my all time favorite trick, I bought ping years ago and had I so much fun. This is a MUST HAVE!!! if u like playing with coins.
I End up loosing my gimmick and it was inpossible to find. I even hit up tobias to see if I can purchase it from him. Sadly there was nothing he could do so I pretty much gave up. I am very happy ping is out again.
Trusts me this is a no brainner don't even second think it just buy it. You won't be disappointed..
Thank you Tobias for bringing this out again


I got this as a second hand gift, and its great! I carry it around on me a lot and it has very fun applications. The elastic it came with ran out quick, but clear thread for bead braclets can be easy to replace (I got like 74 feet for $3) Overall, great gift!

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