For those who love our Cohorts series, for their stock, design & their clear markings - You'll love *NEW* Pioneers too.

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The Finest Marked Deck We've Ever Created

They say that good design is appealing... but has no story - When it does, we call it art.

That's exactly what Pioneers are. They're so much more than a vintage-inspired deck. They are art.

The tuck box is constructed of exquisite laid card, capturing the texture of period-accurate paper. Debossed in all the right places, to create a 4th dimension of quality. 

On the back is a lady of liberty, with a phoenix at her feet. In her left hand is the flag of the United States - in her right is the lesser-known but equally poignant flag of Chicago. 

pioneers playing cards ellusionist

The deck inside is printed on luxury-pressed E7 stock for that crushed but durable feel. This is the exact stock you've fallen in love with from our Cohort decks.

However, you won't notice any borrowed artwork here, Pioneers are fully custom, inside and out. From the distinctive deck seal to the impeccable pips. Every detail and line on the tuck, backs, aces, and jokers was painstakingly hand-drawn by renowned playing card artist Oban Jones.
The back design is a celebration of the 1893 World's Fair. A 600-acre spectacle that commemorated the 400th anniversary of Columbus' arrival to the new world.

The Pioneers deck looks like they've been plucked out of that gift shop in 1893, locked in a vault for over a century, and placed gently, into your awaiting hands. 

pioneers playing cards ellusionist

Hidden in the design are 52 easily-readable markings, to use for either magic, mischief, or both. 

Pioneers are a celebration of exploration, scientific discovery, and innocent curiosity from a bygone era.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Yevhenii Havryliuk
Excellent cards - from customized seal up to cards by themselves!

I really liked these cards! The design of backs, boxes and even seals are just great! The quality of the cards is also top notch! The only thing I missed was a little more customization of the design of the royal cards. But in general - I really liked it and I can safely recommend it!

David Cupps
Beautiful deck of cards

I love the Pioneer Playing Cards. Feel good to handle and they look fantastic. Definitely glad I purchased them, even if I don’t use the clever markings.

Aaron N.
Great Cards!

These cards are better than I expected. I love the look and feel and and very happy with my purchase.

Michael B.
Great service and response

Ordered some card decks for stocking for my boys. Great selection but the turn around time was fantastic. Great service and quick delivery. The cards are great quality. I bought a few for myself too

tyler whitsitt
beautiful cards

the pioneers are a beautiful design.
they are E7’s which is a massive plus and they just look awesome.
if you’re looking for a great looking deck on ( in my opinion) the best card stock, get pioneers.
just make sure you get the best color, Blue. 😉

Narayanan MV
Pioneers Marked Deck

Pioneers is indeed a pioneer in card magic and it's unbeatable !!

Sumner Ribble
Wonderful Deck and Feel

These cards sport a delightful back design, with an ingenious marking system. Definitely worth it for any magician or card connoisseur.

Aleksandr Soldatov
Great deck!

Beautiful deck!
Very smoothly.
It’s good for different manipulations.
I very like it🃏

Classic Deck Design

Love these decks for marked card work because they are so easy to read while also putting the spectator at easy with the classic design feel of the cards. Spot on

Jesus Garza
Great all around

Grabbed the pair of blue and red decks to fill out my cart, and because I had never had a marked deck before. I was briefly confused when i opened them, because I was convinced that they had sent me an unmarked version! Until i realized I was looking at the wrong spot, and that the markings are truly hard to spot unless you know they’re there. Ideal for a marked deck.
The cards look and feel great, designs on the jokers and ace of spades look authentically like an 1890 woodblock print, and the other aces even include *very* old photographs of attractions at the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair. Typical Ellusionist high quality, what more could you need?