Nicholas Lawrence

Plasma is an ultra-deceptive penetration gimmick that allows you to melt a spectator's borrowed cigarette, pen, or other objects through the solid center of your lighter.

Cig/Pen/Object Through Lighter

DISCLAIMER: Plasma is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Zippo. Do not buy Plasma for exclusive use as a lighter, this magic prop is for entertainment purposes only. 

Plasma is an ultra-deceptive penetration gimmick that allows you to melt a spectator's borrowed cigarette, pen, or other objects through the solid center of your lighter.

The spectator can examine the lighter before and after the effect and they'll see nothing, it's a perfectly normal-looking lighter - that actually works. 

"Cigarette through quarter? Always looked great, never made sense. Passing a cigarette through the solid metal body of a lighter? Finally, this trick makes sense. I bought one the instant it was available. The method is smart and the effect is magical. This is a winner."
- Michael Weber

No Palms
No Switches
No Ditches
Nothing Added or Taken Away

On this project, Nicholas will break down how to perform this with different objects and finally shares his iconic 'no cover' handling... (it took him two years to share it with us).

You don't have to smoke to perform PLASMA either... the lighter can just be used to ignite your flash paper and a straw, pen or pencil can penetrate through it, instead of a cigarette. 

If you like, high-impact, examinable magic that slides effortlessly into your everyday carry, then PLASMA is for you. 

Order yours today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Stephen Eads
Buy it now or buy it later on eBay for 5 times the price

$22… You guys should ALMOST get sued more often!

bob rouse
gaff system

did anyone else notice the obvious tell in this video? very poor editing shows too much.

Jonah Daniels
The Best Lighter Gimmick

If you are interested in having some of the best reactions gimmicks can provide, then Plasma is for you. I actually use lighters commonly in my routines, and find plasma perfect for me. Nice job on this one, Ellusionist.

Anthony M

Great idea. Gets great reaction. Very well made.
Have used it in only a few performances, as it is still new to me, but see it being a new part of my routine.

Alon Z.

Such a great effect! It's such a smart method and soo visual! Can be performed live and in real life! One of the best purchases I've ever made!!! Soo fun to perform! 100% Recommend!!!

Brandon James Pearce
Does what it says on the tin

Does exactly as described. You don’t need to do any slight of hand or anything. Unlike some other object through tricks, there’s no pain palming, switching, adding on or stealing of any kind. If you like what you see in the trailer, pick this up.

Plasma by Nicholas Lawrence

This gimmick is awesome and I am able to get great responses from spectators. My handling is a bit clumsy but it goes right over peoples heads. The construction is great - it looks and works like all my other Zippo Lighters. After showing the effect I use it to light my cigar and then hand to people to examine and they cannot figure it out. Fun night time bar trick for friends and people near by to start a conversation with. I like it - looking forward to more gimmicks thaat have high impact and simple for a beginner ot use right away.


Well crafted. Quality workmanship and works like a charm! Love this!!!

John M McGowan
Not perfect but as close as it gets

I'm a working magician here in Olympia WA & just like many of you I e gone through a TON of gimmicks, some were a flash in the pan & very few earn a place in my pocket as an everyday carry...plasma (I prefer to perform without the napkin cover) is a little angle sensitive but to me that just makes for a fun challenge. It seems people know by the way I have to hold it that "something is up" but when you're able to then hand it out with the caution "careful it's hot" just blows all their preconceptions out like a candle... brilliant idea aspecially for those who already are familiar with a classic ramsies subtlety...too much fun!

Kobe IshiNolfi
It’s good.

If you hand this out for examination and the spectator used a zippo lighter on a regular basis they may find out how this illusion is done.

It’s a nice item to carry around. I suggest buying flint and a wick on Amazon.

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