Queen Bee Organic Honey

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The BeeKeeper’s Cut Wildflower Organic Honey is farmed for Ellusionist by a bright and wonderful Lady who owns more than a thousand hives surrounding the Ellusionist property.

You may be enjoying honey that was pollinated right at our HQ! Those bees TRAVEL!

Delicious - it's the small-batch honey Beekeepers eat themselves.

Order yours today.

Customer Reviews

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Katia Sharma
From bees for bees

The honey was nothing too special in it self, still Id say the purchase was worth it. The jar is already neat to look at, and in combination with the other Queen Bee products you definitely get to complete the set in style. Furthermore the fact that I get to eat some sweet honey knowing I did something good for our beloved bees is already more than enough to justify the price!
Overall different from what you get at your local supermarket and worth a try.

Kaelin Kennett

Awesome deck great feel and look amazing in my collection.

Craig Satori
Great packaging

Nice accessory for all your bee cards!

Queen Bee Honey

Fantastic design. Almost too nice to open!

Sheila King
Honey that's on the Money !

This is a very unique honey. It is quite rich, and actually has a slightly grainy texture to it (which is normal for truly raw honey). Also, a little goes a long way. The only thing I would mention to those who purchase this is that the lid on the jar PULLS off (rather than unscrews), due to the fact that the hexagonal top is simply attached to a hidden cork stopper underneath (an "ellusion" of sorts) ! :-)

Marty Jacobs
Best Honey for Magicians! ;)

Love it! Tastes great thinly spread on toast. I love that the packaging matches the artwork on the cards. I might use it as a prop in one of my routines, once I've eaten all the honey, also using the Queen Bee playing cards. The jar is too good looking to keep hidden in a cupboard!

Liam Armstrong

Absolutely gorgeous design. Never gonna be opened unless I get myself another it looks that nice. So happy when I received it!

Connor Andrew

I wasn’t sure what kinda tastes I was expecting its very mellow compared to other honey I have had which is a nice change.