Razor Clip

Peter Mckinnon
Enter, Razor Clip. The world's first cardbox multitool for the magician, cardist or playing card fanatic.

Brushed black steel, shaped into a playing card guard that's like something out of a James Bond movie.

We all know the struggle of bulging pockets. Your wallet, iPhone, cards, headphones & more...

Razor Clip becomes an essential EDC (Every Day Carry) by combining the functionality of a playing card guard, wallet, bottle opener and blister effect into a single sleek design.

When it's shipped to your door, the Razor clip comes wrapped in a custom leather pouch; branded with the King's sword, that you can use for storing gaffs, dupes or jokers.

The Razor Clip will always have a home in your pocket.

Get yours today.

A 4-in-1 Multitool

Your all-new, all-black, all-purpose wallet.

The Razor Clip can be used to store your credit cards, store cards and cash.

Now you'll never accidentally leave home without your wallet or deck again.


Forged from solid steel.The Razor Clip provides a solid steel backing for your deck.

Fortifying your deck and making it more drop, stamp, kick, squeeze or crush-proof.

Specifically designed to fit your tuck case perfectly.


Simply by taking the Razor Clip out of your pocket, you pre-load a playing card revelation blister onto your fingers. It's painless to apply and leaves your audiences speechless.

Imagine pinching the flame of a lighter, only to reveal it's left a blister in the form of the card they were merely thinking of.


We've all been there. You're at a party, you're handed a bottle of ice cold beer, but you've got nothing to open it with.

With the Razor Clip you dip into your pocket and slide out a sleek steel solution to quench your thirst. You may never need it, but it feels good to know it's there for when you do.


When it's shipped to your door, the Razor clip comes wrapped in a custom leather pouch.

Branded with the King's sword, you can use this for perfectly storing gaffs, dupes or jokers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Magic Orthodoxy

EDC? Yes. Do I use it as intended? Probably not. Mainly I keep this small wallet - in my big wallet so that I always have an impression device and a bottle opener on hand. If I go to the pool, or some place where I don't want my big bulky wallet, then i'll take this.

Bryan Pierson

I've been using this as a EDC for a little over a month now, and it's great. It did take a slight bit of adjustment on arrival to make sure it was going to work as I needed it to (fixing the clip tension, and fixing the points on the K as mentioned in other reviews). The extra sleeve it comes with is a great addition as well!

Ted Frederick

I love this device but to be fair I only use it as a deck protector and for the blister effect as I've never had much use for a money clip.

It seems that the more mediocre reviews target the use of this as a money clip specifically (scratched cards, money, etc). These are all likely valid points but I think the use of the device and pouch to carry duplicates, gaffs, and what not is far more valuable than the ability to carry an id or credit card.

My name is Ted, and I endorse this product.

Dante Lynch

This is a really nice accessory to carry around. It keeps my pockets relatively empty which is nice. The only problem I have with this is that the blister effect very easily scratches anything that I put in the clip, and I now have nice long scratches on my ID and debit card.

jordan jensen

Neat product where the blister effect is cool and easy, the bottle opener is nice, the only downside I've found is that the wallet clip part is really tight and has a sharp part on it that badly scratched my card, but overall, this is a great buy

Jahmari Fields

This product is great! Easy to carry, use and has a great functions. The card clip makes it easy to carry cards with ought ruining the tuck case, the bottle opener is also useful, because I perform a lot of magic in bars, And the blister effect has been a good and easy addition into my act. All in all, I think this makes a great product, and is something definitely worth buying

Leon Tran

I like the product but i did experience a lot of issues with it. The "K" would scratch cards that would be inserted, the clip was too tight and when I received it the paint was already scraped somehow. I did fix most of the problems, for the "K" I used a butter knife to lever the point up, doing the same thing for the clip and loosening it so that it was parallel to the back and with the colour I just coloured it in with a sharpie with matched the colour but could be detected if examining it closely and it isn't a permanent solution.

Jordan Dyk

Originally I was very excited for this product, but after receiving it and attempting to use it, I would say this is one of the only products at Ellusionist that I am very dissatisfied with. While I think this is a wonderful idea and an ingenious EDC item/gaff for magicians, I think it needed more refining and product R&D before the team produced it.

First of all, I think the clip itself is a little too thick to be put comfortably inside a card box. It fits, but very tightly, which makes it difficult to remove the cards from the box. It should be made thinner to allow the cards to slide out of the box, while still maintaining some rigidity and protection.

Second, while the bottle opener is occasionally handy to have around, I don't think it is a necessary component to the clip. Also, if you ever had to use it, you would have to remove it from your card box and remove the cards, money, etc. from the clip; not exactly convenient.

Lastly, the built-in blister effect on the clip, while ingenious in concept, was obviously not field tested before use because it leaves deep scratches in any ID or credit cards that are inserted; in addition it destroys any paper money that is inserted near it as well.

The only part of this product that I enjoy is the sleeve that the clip came with. That to me was more useful as a wallet than the clip itself. The leather sleeve houses my gaff cards, my ID, credit cards, and business cards, while still remaining very slim and easy to carry. It goes everywhere with me, while the clip is sitting at home in a drawer gathering dust.

Overall, I think this is a very good idea for an item, but I think that it needs a lot more development and product testing before it can be useful.


Not really an EDC (every day carry) because beautiful but not practical at all. Wallet clip is definitely too tight for maximum one driving licence + 1 credit card (and no way to had the leather pouch). Moreover the blister effect scratches your ID or Credit Card (K was not the best idea, should be better with a 7 for example) and it sucks. However the clip is really beautiful and the leather pouch good.
In few words, disappointed because it is really a great idea on the paper but not practical. Maybe the next version will be better.

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