Pull a solid metal band straight through another. 

No sleights, no weird grips, no cover - pull it straight through.

There's a reason magicians and audiences gravitate to tricks like linking rings and crazy man's handcuffs. Simplicity is power.

No explanation needed. The spectator knows that it shouldn't be possible, so when it happens, it's MAGIC.

T-1000 is:

  • Visual
  • Practical
  • Has Zero Angle Issues

The beautifully-machined gimmicks can pass through each other, rubberbands, pens, fingers, bills and other similar objects. A flawless penetration. They see nothing.

With expert tuition with closed captions by Nemo, T-1000 is a melee on the senses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

this is flawless


I thought this was a really nice trick. Even though the vid isn't in English (it has subtitles) it doesn't make a difference in understanding how to do it. It shows everything visually quite well. I know some people said the gimmick one looks different than the regular ones but I don't think anyone watching the trick would notice at all. The differences are only noticeable if you would lay them side by side and be looking for it. I didn't notice a difference out of the box, took me some time to see and when you are doing the trick people are focused on the penetration not comparing the bracelets as things are moving fast. They only examine one bracelet at a time and they would never see them both side by side anyway.

John Benedict

I find this effect refreshing because its a new add on to all my rubber band effects...the packaging is great, the gimmick is well made, and its really easy to do..TIPS: practice handling, no need to wear the bracelet I can carry them in a case, you also need to somehow be alert with your spectator for them not to grab the gimmick...I guess that last tips go for other gimmicks in magic... OVER ALL ! I love it! will order a back up.


The product itself is made well, the instructions are clear, a different language so many people complain, but that shows the level of mental fortitude they have.
This is easy to use and with practice you'll be able to do this everytime. The bracelets do NOT fit on your wrist. That I'd a major downside, some people claim they wear them, only if you have baby wrist. I have small wrist and I can't wear them. Because I can't wear them that does affect the practicality for me and I'm sure it will you to. I don't see this being used in real world application.


T-1000 is amazing. The quality is really good. And the tutorial is agreat. Just amazing! Love it!


These are the perfect and best linking bracelet so practical and visual , perfect for close-up and street magic , you'll get what you see in the demo .
You'll get a very beautifull fancy plastic box package with three bracelets, one of them is gimmicked , some tricks are very easy to learn and some of them needs practice, just take them and play as explained in the tutorial, after a couple of hours you will be mastering the Tricks, i did play with it and I did failed a couple of time , but I had learn my mistakes as practicing and watching the tutorial, and today I can perform it very smoothly , and I'm having lots of fun , this is not for lazier amateurs that don't like practicing and think that they could perform it right out of the box. These tricks need to be practicing very patiently .
The size are perfect as seen in the demo .
The gimmicked beads are a tiny bit larger, and can't be noticed , but anyway don't worry the audience don't know what to expect, so they couldn't tell the deference, even when I was practicing I was fooled and couldn't tell the gimmicked from the none gimmicked, only from very closely distance. So really don't worry.
If you would perform it infront of an audience , just have fun and be a humorist , tell jokes to the audience, you need to show them your confidence and character, the magic is in your character, if the audience are happy and have a lot of laughs as you perform it smoothly, and they would remember you with that great trick for a very long time . I know that I will perform it always and all the times, this is one of my favorite tricks. I have bought two of them , one will be a spare . It's a unique and pure gold magic to those who know to appreciate a great Trick and illusion.


Alright after receiving my second unit I realized something. YOU CAN WEAR THESE ON YOUR WRIST. If you slowly work the clasp to open your bracelet, the clasp works as it should and you can wear these babies with ease.

Being I can wear these, it?s beyond a done deal.

YES the gimmick is SLIGHTLY different than the other bracelets. BUT no one notices just like the thumb tip concept.

The T-1000 rocks.


It works pretty well. Some have complained about the subtitles on the video and that its not in English. It?s really not necessary to even listen to the video. The explanation is straightforward.
However, these are not going to fit to over my wrist, and that was a BIG SELLING POINT. ?You can wear them like a bracelet? like you would rubber bands.
Like another reviewer said, I?m not Dwayne Johnson, my hands are not ?Huge!,? like our illustrious orange tinted president.
The fact that they are so small is something that ellusionist should have stated in the ad, or is there different sixes available, and no one bothered to tell anyone?
The set is fairly well made, and the gimmick works better than I thought it would. The way the gimmick is designed would actually make it difficult to construct to be able to slip on and off your wrist, but with some careful handling it could be done. For the non gimmicked chains, everything basically needs to be 1 inch larger, if not 1.5 inches.
When you decide to do this, can we trade in our original purchases?


Received my T-1000 today. As soon as I saw the trailer I knew how this trick was done, again I feel let down. What I like to do is get tricks/gimmicks to see how they are made and make them better. This is one that needs to be better.

The gimmick is well made but the non-gimmicks don?t look like the gimmick. The way they are made it?s impossible to actually wear them around your wrist because of the material that was used for the non-gimmicks they will break over time if you keep putting them on and off your wrist. I guess I don?t have to worry about that they are too small to go on my wrist.

Don?t get me started on the instructions! They are NOT in English! I don?t understand why Ellusionist wouldn?t just have Lloyd make one of his videos for the people that speak English. He makes a 10 minute FAQ video to hype this! He should have made an English version of the instructions.


The trick is excellent the under titles are terrible, by the time you read part of the translation it jumps to a new line, this is highly disappointing you end up having to playback every sentence several times trying to read what the sentence says 1 star for bad instructions

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