The Real Secrets of David Stone

"David Stone leads one of the most interesting lives..."
- Lee Asher, High Quality Card Expert

After releasing the best-selling DVD's "The Real Secrets of Magic" World Champion FISM Winner, David Stone went on a world tour with his lecture.

More than 120 performances in almost 2 years. The last one took place at the most attended convention: Blackpool, where 700 magicians witnessed the outstanding show that built David Stone's fame, making him one of the worlds best magic performers today.

This film is so much more than a lecture, it's a master class of entertainment and showmanship, mixing the art of close up with a twisted, fun mind. An act full of energyAn act full of energy delivered with 10 of David's Strongest effects taught right here.

Get in on the insiders view of a life dedicated to the art of presentation and magic and how you can effectively apply it to yours.

(Warning - Some offensive and suggestive language)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
This video is just AMAZING!

this video inspired on how david lived his live with magic. you should definitely get this DVD. All you need is hard practice. the tricks are awesome! I'm serious man get the DVD I dont have to tell you twice!

Awesome, but a bit disappoint

Frankly, this dvd dissapointed me.

Not for the lecture, the lecture in blackpool is awesome.

But for the overall content:The TRAILER makes me believe that there are a LOTS of David's performances inside the dvd.

If you guys watch again the trailer, you can see there are a short clip of David's performances in Japan,Taiwan,Norway and the like.These really misdirect me to believe that there are so many awesome full performances in this dvd,but indeed there aren't.

The trailer even say 127 lectures, 14 countries, 2 years of David's life.Seriously, i bought this dvd not because i want to learn magic from David, but I want to see his performance.For me, the most valuable thing is his performance, not the magic.

Since i am really a fan of David, I would like to say, unless there are really so many performances in this dvd, if not, please don't use such a misdirecting trailer, it really make me upset.


I don't know if it was just the DVD that I got, but when I play the section of the DVD that reveals all the tricks it freezes and skips. Also David is kind of hard to understand. Otherwise this DVD is great and I highly recommend it.

FROM ELLUSIONIST: David, we are having a customer service representative contact you immediately about replacing your faulty DVD.

Very interesting!

David Stone is one of my best favourite performer and in this video he confirms his talent: he is able to amaze and entertain with so much irony and smartness.
The tricks explained are original and have great impact on people because they are very visual.

Assolutamente consigliato! :-)

This is what we do.

Well i tell you a very old proverb say's mock the perfect man behold the upright for at the end of that man is peace.(follow those who are making it happen)

Think twice

For me, this was a bit of disappointment of D.Stone. The DVD is a well-crafted piece of self-promotion, and not much more. In sharp contrast to the David Stone that came across in the previous DVDs - an open honest guy with his feet on the ground and amazing at what he does, the new DVD's protagonist comes across - to me, at least - as quite an antipode: a rather cocky self-centered individual, who is swimming in his glory and who is obsessed with being rich and famous. I am not making a living with magic, and so, my view is not tainted by jealousy - it only comes from highest regard for D.Stone's previous publications.

In practical terms, the new DVD seemed to me, in many aspects, inferior to D.Stone's previous releases. Over half of the DVD is filled with plain water and bubbles: an unremitting chain of rehearsed jokes, diverse photos, clips of people cheering, or coming to a lecture by D.Stone, or asking D.Stone for an autograph etc; a couple of gems of ultimate wisdom, meant to change your life forever. You also get some autobiographical information - mainly related to how hard the road to laurels was. You constantly get hints to buy David Stone's other products. A good chunk of the presented effects has already appeared in previous releases by D.Stone. Passed one hour, comes the cheesy squeeze-out-a-tear ending - and that's about it.

I feel the DVD falls rather short from its advertising campaign, and it is overpriced. Sure enough, if you are a David Stone fanatic, like one of the guys in the movie who bursts into tears as he sees a David Stone in 3 dimensions, if you have a David Stone t-shirt, a David Stone cup, a David Stone poster and a David Stone mouse pad - then get yourself the "Real Secrets of David Stone", you won't be sorry. If that is not the case, honestly, consider purchasing any of his previous DVDs before this one - each of them superb. 40 dollars is quite a lot of money. Or just get yourself something by the classics, like Dai Vernon.

I give it 3 stars, for it is a very well produced DVD, and, of course, it is not like an empty spot - not at all. You are entertained, and you do get certain amount of suggestions that could potentially be of great benefit. Most of the practical suggestions, however, will rather be practical reminders to those whom mother-nature endowed with common sense. I have to add that I watched the DVD only once, and so - who knows - I may well feel differently once I watch it again. At any rate, David Stone IS an exceptional character, nobody can questions that.

Loved the video!

I just finished watching the Real Secrets of David Stone.

So what is it? Basically you get a front row seat at David?s lecture and his mind. It tells you how he became him, how he found his opener with a fire wallet etc. how to think a bit differently and teaching some cool effects along the way.

It?s an interesting video and you can learn a lot with one run through.

You will learn his:
One coin routine/ Wine bottle production
Splash production (wine from balloon)
How to perform with a kaps fire wallet
Cocktail productions
Four coin production

But what I really liked was his tips on how to get attention and establish you are a magician. Plus about how he handles stage fright and you would be surprised to find out he gets it pretty bad. Too me those are the REAL gems of this video.

Is it worth 40 dollars? I think so. You are getting a front row seat at his lecture and you are able to watch it over and over again. Recently I went to the Michael Ammar lecture; with the price of the video and notes to compliment everything I think I spent about 100 dollars total. Keeo in mind though this isn?t your typical lecture either. You lean A LOT and it?s watchable, it?s funny and easy to get through. Some lectures I?ve seen just goes on and on and although good? is really boringly taught.

If you went to the lecture and wanted the video to recap things. Yea it's still worth it. If you have a photographic memory of the lecture not so much.

I would give this a 9 out of 10. I?m a big David Stone fan and really enjoy his work. I will DEFINATLY be performing stuff from this :-)

There's a lot to learn from David

And quick, (and properly formatted) run down of the new David Stone video from Ellusionist 'The Real Secrets of David Stone'.

A culmination of 2 years and over 120 lectures all over Europe.

Expensive, but worth it.

Wow, truly amazing. This is pretty expensive, but it you put together the 10 effects (which could theoretically each have their own dvd...) it turns out to be 4 a trick, plus tons of REALLY useful information from Stone. After shipping this turns out to be at least $45, but definitely a great investment if you are serious about restaurant magic.

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