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Borrowed Vape Through Bill

Object through bill effects are incredible, but they all have one flaw.

Not all of the items are borrowed, it's either your pen, your pencil or your sharpie.

Now, these effects are still great, but they aren't very modernized. People don't carry pens like they used to... but at least 1 person within every group you meet will carry a vape.

With the VAPE THRUU gimmick, you'll be able to borrow both objects (JUUL & BILL) making it completely universal.

  •  Borrow 1 or both items
  •  No switches
  •  Works with all JUUL colors
  •  Takes almost no pocket space
  •  Can be performed in person or online
  •  Ends clean, they can examine both items

With an estimated 70% of the global e-cigarette market, JUUL is the most recognised 'vape' on the planet. This allows the vape to be brought into and out of play without any suspicion - people see them every day.

It also puts 'cigarette-style' magic tricks into the hands of people who don't smoke or vape, as you don't need to carry a real cigarette or JUUL to perform this effect. It can all be borrowed.

Luke also shares some bonus ideas:

  • Bite and spit your vape back together
  • Visually throw the cartridge back on
  • + an ultra-clean double gimmick version

Engineered to hide in plain sight, VAPE THRUU is looked at but never seen.

Get yours TODAY. 

To perform this effect without borrowing both items, you'll need to own a JUUL brand vape.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Great trick , gimmick nicely made.

Alex the Investigative Magician
Telle this isn't ingenious

It's the pen through dollar, that works every time and takes no skill. Except this version brings it into the contemporary setting that can really blow minds. Wait for the right time, pull it out and kill! No pocket space, huge reaction!


I dont know why this not sold out yet..easy to perform and pocket friendly..ready to blow your friend and family

Robert Pickering
Great Gimmick

Looks great, easy for edc, magnet is powerful, and all the tutorials are helpful.

Scott Hammer

Vape Thruu

Michael Demers
So Good !

Very great product ! Easy, modern and super visual !!

Michael Donahue
Looks great...

Trick looks great so I left 5 stars. It's just a shame that Juul isn't a big of a brand in Ireland.

Chris James
So awesome.

Does what it’s supposed to do. Fun. Modern.

The 9 1/2 finger magician
Vape Thruu review

Great product and at cost. It did not come with instructions but great price point. It arrived within days of ordering. Super fast shipping.

Brendan Smith

This is a great effect, I vape on the daily and always wanted to incorporate it more into my routines but I couldn’t figure out a neat way to do it. Until now, this this works as advertised and I can’t complain. Might want to buy two they are small.