To the Point

Mark Lemon

To the Point is the famous tossed out deck in book form - but unlike the tossed out deck, it can also be done close-up, one-on-one.


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To the Point is:
  •  Easy to learn
  •  It's fast
  •  It's simple to perform
  •  It feels normal
  •  It allows for unlimited hits
  •  It can fit in your pocket
  •  It can be performed on any number of people - including 1 on 1
  • ... and most importantly, it cannot go wrong.

What made us create this?

We love the tossed-out deck, but for mentalism, it falls down in 2 major areas:


The original tossed-out deck can only be performed on a group of people. But we've designed 'To the Point' to allow you to perform 1 on 1 - as well as on any number of random people from your audience. With no pre-show.

This makes 'to the point' more versatile. You can perform it casually at home, 1 on 1 or use it in your next parlour or stage event.

And #2.

Playing cards wrapped in a rubber band just feels like a prop.

BUT mentalism thrives on normal objects. Phones. Notepads. Coins - and especially books.

Even if you use a normal deck, some of your audience will still associate playing cards with magic - which takes away from your presentation.

But a book is normal - and is believed to have no special ability whatsoever.

Throwing a book into your audience, especially one they think they've seen in the real world, or can find on Amazon - is natural. It avoids suspicion.

That means your demonstrations are heightened - and feel more real.

A less suspicious prop...

'To the Point' is designed to replicate the famous POINT IT books. These books are used all over the world as a picture dictionary for travellers. They don't have to learn the language - they just point at the image to ask for help. 

Google 'point book' and the real thing will come up. So even if your audience goes home and tries to backtrack the effect. They won't find anything.

We also include a completely ungimmicked book that you can bring into play and hand out for examination.

If you're a professional mentalist, you'll find that 'To the Point' fits perfectly into your existing repertoire - without any presentation tweaks.

If you're a beginner or want to dip your toe into mentalism, To the Point is a great place to start.

It can't fail - and because of the way it's gimmicked, your audience will have a seemingly fair choice - from any page in the entire book - and you'll nail it every single time


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ricardo Sarduy
To The Point

Brilliant variation of the tossed out book.
Fooled them every time.
Already part of me EDC (Every Day Carry).

Charlie Nunn

Brilliant idea and product.
(I heard someone complain in a review that the ungimmicked version had duplicate images but clearly they didn't watch the tutorial because there is a very specific and clever reason for it)


I have been told over and over to do tossed out deck, and I always hate it, it never hits how I want... but this.... This is great! allows you to use it close up OR from parlor or stage, and that alone makes it something worth carrying with you regularly!

To the Point

Great Product. Very nice book.

Pete Tirella
Plays big!

The book itself is fantastic, you'll love doing the trick. What's even better is the video and the ideas and principles that are covered that deal with a very old technique. Very much worth it. Especially if you're just beginning to test the Mentalism waters.

Caleb Hyatt
A great effect

A great effect with many possibilities. Easy to incorporate into a mentalism routine, a lot of fun to do

Kevin E Long

This was a good trick . One I’ll have to work in to my show

Great Trick

This is great for parlor or stage. Bottom line is if you like the tossed out deck, you will like this. Think of it as the same basic effect but with something more interesting than a deck of cards. You can do it close up, but it will be much stronger with a crowd.

Good mentalism trick

Simple and elegant the tutorial video is detailled and the jam session with Peter turner covers nice ideas.

Adam Ferrante
Simple and direct

This is one of those effects that once you learn it, you'll be thinking yourself for buying it! It is a nice clever mentalisim trick and the books look exactly the same so no worries about there being any discrepancy. I would recommend this to people who enjoy mentalisim.

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