Venom: Levitation System

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Venom is the most versatile levitation system of all time. Just minutes after opening all of your fears of thread work are immediately settled.

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Complete Levitation System


Venom is the most complete and versatile levitation system of all time

Unlock True telekinetic power.

You don’t have to go to the store; this 100% mechanical system produces faultless visuals with no batteries required.

With Venom you can:

  • Float borrowed items.
  • Move objects without touching them
  • Vanish or produce coins, rings & more

Designed so you can perform without fear.

The real secret to Venom is the ingenious hook-up of these mechanical beasts. If you’ve ever worked with invisible thread before it often breaks too easily or never looks natural. Gone are those days.

Just minutes after opening, all of your fears of thread work are immediately settled.
Arthur Chavaudret finally divulges his revolutionary concepts, techniques and effects to you. Empowering you to explore a style of magic that you previously thought was impossible.

Threadwork is now 100% under your control.

"Having tried a number of ITR I think I can say that it is probably the best on the market."

How this device is different:

  • Each package contains not one, but TWO ITRs handcrafted from aluminium & polycarbonate by master craftsmen in France… ensuring quality that lasts a lifetime of performances.
  • Super strong invisible thread

  • No batteries required… works for as long as you do

  • Broken threads reset almost instantly

The Venom system is totally customizable.

Beginner or not, the video contains over 2 hours of expert tuition so that you can use your system right away.
For the first time, you will be able to perform visible miracles with invisible thread.


  • 2 x fully loaded VENOM ITR’s
  • 1 x Customization accessory
  • Online video with 8 new effects, concepts and ideas.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
The best ITR

This levitation system is the best in the market by far, it is always ready to perform, it has only a little distance limitation but thats not a big deal for me to perform close up magic !

andy skretas

All I can say is, this thing is a GAME CHANGER. A must to have 10/10

Matthew Acerra
My first gimmick and I dove to the deep end of the ITR pool

I always failed at attempting magic, but saw ITR and it caught my attention. Next thing I know I went head first into ITR with the Venom after watching a trailer. Next thing I know I made a purchase through Ellusionist, watched a great quality tutorial video
while it shipped quick and arrived quick.
Fast foward a week and I have zero purchase regret while putting out a show for a select few people so far. The only advice I have is not to do the levitating ring trick in front of a cat! Learned my lesson!

Rick Denny
Venom Review

I debated and did alot of research before ordering Venom! I read both good and not so good, but after receiving my unit, I can honestly say, It is worth it. Very well designed and built product. Highly recommend this product!!!


Paul Hunter

An awesome tool that even a newbie like me can work with

Matt Felten
Fear no more

I’ve never been a fan of ITRs because they often tangle or jam, you can’t control the tension or customize the thread, the risk of your anchor coming undone, etc… Venom solves everything! The two reel system is brilliant. The thread is strong but if you want something thinner you can switch it out. You can easily customize the tension. Everything is so well thought out!
The teaching on the video is superb and the PDF on how light affects the thread is awesome and really makes you think about how to use invisible thread in all situations.
I’m a believer now and I have no fear using Venom!

Raymond Baldwin
Venom Review

It is not what I expected, but I love it anyway. I needed replacements for my outdated and broken equipment, and the Venom system does exactly that! Upkeep and maintenance are easy, too! After purchase, you get a link to the accompanying video that has Ellusionist's superior quality written all over it! I even recommended it to my brother! Products like these are why I've been a customer for 20 years and counting!!!!

Wow!!! So glad I bought it!!

I have had other ITR's (some electric, some tensioned devices) and some just anchored thread. This system is so amazing and is the best working concepts from all of those.
The video by Arther is amazing in its depth and philosophy and is so much more than an explanation of any "trick". The video is worth the price alone!
Some people have given poor marks for the invisibility of the thread, but seriously, proper background can make this look truly invisible even in sunlight.
Again, if you put a little thought and imagination into it, there is absolutely no reason not to perform often with this.
Thank you Magie Factory, Arther, and Ellusionist for this product.

The best ITR system you can get

There’s a reason why this item is sold out several times since it’s release , and it’s because it works , simple as that. What you see it’s what you get , and incredible system that allows you to perform exactly what you see in the trailer .I know it’s not cheap but I hate when an expensive item’s trailer looks fantastic and when you get it in the mail is just rubbish, this is not the case , you and your audience will love all the magical effects that this accomplishes.

Noah B Akagi
Best ITR

In the proper lighting sometimes I can hardly see the mechanism myself! Wonderful craftsmanship and stellar instruction

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