The most visual color change ever created. If a real wizard could make a color change, it would look exactly this good. Created by Les French Twins and handmade by Hondo himself... Each precision-gimmick is made on Red Bicycle Rider back.

The most visual color change ever created

If a real wizard could make a color change, it would look exactly this good. No fast finger movements, just slow-motion visuals.

Created by Les French Twins and handmade by Hondo himself, this is Zeus.

Zeus is a precision-engineered card gimmick like no other. It doesn't just change once, or twice, it changes three times, so it allows for an ultra-visual FADE or MORPH of a card. 

FADE: With Fade, a blank card visually prints itself, going from completely blank, to half printed, to fully printed in slow, controllable stages. 

MORPH: With Morph, a card visually morphs from one card to another. We've made sure the cards are heavily contrasted (red to black) to allow for the most striking visual possible.

Get both and save $10 instantly.

Each precision-gimmick is made on Red Bicycle Rider back by the undisputed King of gimmicks in this genre, Hondo Chen. Zeus takes him over 1 and a half hours to produce each gimmick to perfection.

Then, with streaming video instructions that come with each package, Les French Twins will slowly guide you through the perfect way to carry, perform and maintain your Zeus gimmick. 

If Les French Twins are proof of anything, it's that more of a good thing is never a bad idea. Zeus' triple changing, locking card gaff is a monumental leap forward in the plot of color changes. It has no competition. 

The best part?... It requires zero sleight-of-hand. 

Get Zeus, while stocks last.

Customer Reviews

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Moritz Dalbeck
Zeus fade in

I love the way the gimmick works and the way I can Perform it. Great work guys!

Donald Pepe
Zeus is a special effect

I purchased both versions of Zeus, fade and morph, because it is really a great visual effect. It takes work to properly use the gaff cards correctly but when you do, it's worth it. It's a shocker to see if you blend it into a good routine. You must practice and get smooth with the moves but it's really good. Get one and try it.
Don P.

Yonatan Vaknin
Powerful!! Dear Zeus

Powerful effect


I'm big on social media magic, and huge visual changes are usually what brings out the most reactions! It's going into my routine straight away! Get it while you can guysss

Rick Vander Does

This is a great trick by the French Twins. It takes a bit of practice to pull off, but very ingenious. What an original way to do magic with a deck of cards. I love it.

Paul Rainey
My favorite card trick

It's a little tricky holding the card just right but I can't wait till I master it and am able to perform it for an audience

Kevin Polson
Fast ass delivery

My order came fast af.

Robert Sands
The change I needed

This was the visual change I been looking for. It takes Ryan Schlutz trick from false anchors to a freaking miracle.

Joonas N.
Positive surprise!

There is a bit of a learning curve to nail this but once you've got it - this is a killer trick that you can combine to many other routines/reveals. Honestly... I was expecting something different, but when I got the gimmick - it totally makes sense why they chose this approach. This method is more affordable compared to what I had in my mind for executing this kind of effect.

Joel Gonzalez
Zeus is an awesome tool

This is such an amazing tool for but it does require some practice like most tricks. Once you get it down, it will take you to the next level