NEW SITE: Embrace What Makes You Different

NEW SITE: Embrace What Makes You Different

Note: There is a discount code somewhere in this article that'll get you 40% OFF if you read it. 

Today we’re launching a new website - a new look. 

Like Moore’s law, technology moves on every few years, and if we don’t update, we’re going to be stuck with a website that looks like it’s from 1999. 

As magic evolves, as performers evolve, as creators evolve and as the way we consume media evolves - so must we. 

For a few years, in search of approval and to pander to the noise of online chatter, we left behind what made us unique. Honestly, we lost our identity. 

  •  Magic
  •  Tattoos
  •  Whiskey
  •  Epic shoots around the world 
  •  & Outstanding products. 

That's what makes Ellusionist... Ellusionist

People fall in love with us because we’re not just selling it, we’re LIVING it.
We do what others aren't doing. We'll fly to f*cking Kathmandu (literally), if it enhances the product. 

People can meme it all they want… and they did, but we’re done caring. There is no such thing as passion in the center. You have to choose a direction and commit to it, or you’ll end up going nowhere. 

“When you try to please everyone, you please no-one.” 

Often the people that complain online are probably never gonna buy from us anyway. It's like an adult moaning about the toy in their happy meal. They're criticizing something that’s simply not for them. 

So who is Ellusionist for? 

Ellusionist is for real-world magicians. Not method collectors. 

We’re for people who live & breathe magic. For people who’ve always got a deck of cards, or a coin in their hand. For the people that want to walk into a room as a nobody and leave being a somebody. 

You know that moment when you’re in an elevator and someone sees you playing with cards - and their face lights up? 

“Are you a magician?” they ask with excited anticipation. 6 floors later you’ve blown their mind. 

Or that time you’re on a plane and you and your seat buddy are the only two strangers talking. All because of magic. 

Sometimes you’ll even go to a wedding, and there’s that awkward dead spot between the wedding meal & evening party - and you become the hero for filling it with magic. 

Even that feeling of hitting your top change, right under someone's nose. Or sleeving a coin when surrounded 360, and you just know you nailed it, but everyone else thinks it’s in your hand.

That rush you get, in that moment right before jaws hit the floor… That’s what we live for. That's what we're selling. 

It's not just about what the trick can do, it's where it can take you. 

It's the moments. It's the memories. It's the surges of distilled dopamine that you earned through practicing something that others wouldn't dare take on. 

Magic opens doors. It moves people. And Ellusionist is about inspiring you to take magic off the stage and into the streets, into the real world, for real people.

It's time to embrace what makes you different. 

If that's you and you'd like to celebrate the new site with us, you can get 40% OFF your entire order using coupon code 'DIFFERENT'. Active for this week only. 

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Chuck Wunderstruck

Chuck Wunderstruck

If you love Magic, how could you not love Ellusionist?

William Norton

William Norton

Recommendation: Clarification for the “40% Discount all week”. The promotion can be interpreted that the discount could be applied to multiple orders during the week. I, for one, had made that impulsive purchase. When I first read the advertisement, there was a product that I knew I wanted and immediately ordered it. However, I later reviewed your product line and decided to purchase additional products. Unfortunately, the site responded with a message that I had already used the discount and I did not qualify to use it again during the week. So, I will wait for another possible discount offering in the future. If the promotion had clarified that the discount was a “one time” use during the week, I would have not been so impulsive to submit my “one item” order so quickly. I would have waited to review the products on my “wish list” , made my selections, and submitted multiple items for the single order taking advantage of the 40% discount. This would have been a “win” for me and a “win” for Ellusionist, since I would have purchased more items.
Thank you.

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell


Steve Bender

Steve Bender

Where did the wishlist go on the new site?



great stuff

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