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Ellusionist is unlike any other magic store. We aren't a supermarket for magic. We don't want to stock 'everything'.

Instead, we curate & produce the wildest, most practical & visual magic on planet earth.

Our products are battle-tested out on the street, with real people... to guarantee they get insane reactions.



Since January 2001, Ellusionist has helped over 1 million normal people, with no prior experience, to learn incredible magic tricks.

It's easier than you think.

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How to Approach Literally Anyone… In Any Scenario

How to Approach Literally Anyone… In Any Scenario

The biggest hurdle to overcome in magic isn’t learning the trick, it’s the execution of that trick to an audience. Most people practice by showing their family first - but the first time you show m...

21 Important Questions For You

21 Important Questions For You

We just came back from a Magic Convention & had a few thoughts.  Before we share them (we will), we'd like to ask you a few questions. We don't need your personal data - we just need your opini...

Going to Blackpool Magic Convention? Read Below

Going to Blackpool Magic Convention? Read Below

Later this week some of Team E will be attending Blackpool Magic Convention. That’s going to be: Geraint Clarke (me) Duane Williams Oban Jones Romy Meermans & our newest Team member, Yannick B...

Always Evolving

We've been changing the magic game at Ellusionist for over 22 years. We never stand still and are always developing cutting-edge effects, playing cards and tools for magicians.




EDC For The Modern Magician

We create natural-looking items that are designed to deliver impossible powers.

Black Ops Watch

Black Ops allows you to do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight of hand.

Self-Vanishing Headphones

It could not be easier. Show they're inside. Close it.

Have your spectator open it. They're GONE. Vanished... The case is empty. 

Pocket Portal

A normal leather coin-pouch with the devious ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Green Cohorts

Our famous vintage-casino inspired deck.

Hidden in the intricate design are markings undetectable to the untrained eye.


With Flite make their ring vanish and appear attached to your keychain - while they're holding it.

Just $9.99 per month unlocks

Unlimited Magic

In 2016, we launched a secret subscription for magicians called Magic Stream.

Coin tricks, card tricks, mind-reading - we REVEAL it all. 

It's been called "the best deal in all of magic"... and thousands of members can't be wrong.

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Hundreds of Tricks

Members will get Unlimited streaming access to hundreds of magic tutorials.

It's been called the "Netflix of magic."

Stream anywhere, from any device... at any time.

It's so vast, you could learn a trick per week for 5 years and still not run out of things to watch.

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There are hundreds of trick tutorials, routines, interviews and more... From the top creators in magic. 

Learn from industry leaders like Peter Turner, Eric Jones, Justin Miller, Daniel Madison, Chris Ramsay, James Brown & countless others.

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