Want to Wholesale?

From our world-class DVD's to our selection of cutting-edge playing cards, you'll find our products quality driven and highly desirable by a huge segment of the population.

We will back up your sales efforts with tools that we've created specifically for this task. This includes sizzling preview movies you can play on your web site, beautiful images created in our studios, ad copy that has been tested to SELL on our site first, and a personal account representative to assist you in getting set up. With minimal effort you will be up and SELLING very quickly.

Playing Cards:

Ellusionist created the custom playing card market with the iconic Black Tiger Deck which is now a highly sought collectors item. Take a look at the playing cards being offered now. They come and go frequently, many never to return in their original format.

Kits & Bundles:

Ellusionist offers many kits for it's customers. The How to be a Magician Kit is aimed at beginners as well as those looking to improve their knowledge. How to Read Minds was a phenomenon when it released on Kickstarter and has been a favorite of many looking to take the dip into mentalism.

Tricks & Effects:

Ellusionist has created many effects that are now considered to be must haves, from the classic (and continually improving) Pyro Fireshooter to the Stack Watch which many people are kicking themselves that they didn't think of it first. Click to see what's available here.

phone: 866.244.2426 in North American
1.415.459.4945 International


Required for wholesaling Ellusionist products:

Proof of resale license
Minimum first order of $250.00