About us

Ellusionist was founded on January 1st, 2001 by Brad Christian.
On January 1st, 2021 Ellusionist celebrated its 20th year of teaching magic. 

His goal was simple — to create the best online training environment for people who want to learn high-impact, effective magic tricks. Ellusionist's growth has been unprecedented. To date, over 60,000 members worldwide participate in our discussion forums — the largest online magic forums on the net.

At Ellusionist, we have one goal: to give you the power to perform magic beyond belief. We want to make you the life of any party. We want to make you into a performer. To achieve that goal, we built this site with YOU in mind.

We Believe in the Power of a Great Team

Composed of several key individuals, our staff is what gives Ellusionist its soul. Our customer service is bar none. And our creative division is restless — we barely sleep, and we will do anything necessary to bring you the best magic, the best talent, the best training possible. We live on the cutting edge.

And we love what we do.

Brad Christian

Brad Christian


Brad Christian, founder of Ellusionist, began his magic career with a kit he got for Christmas as a boy of 6. Gathering all his courage and calling on the mysterious powers he got from the kit, he put on a magic show for his first grade class which was unrivaled at the time. Christian finished the show and stood back to take his applause, and that's when things went abruptly... wrong. The entire class rushed him like Children of The Corn, examined his props and discovered the intense secrets behind his dazzling sleight of hand. He immediately quit magic forever, vowing never to get up in front of his class at show-and-tell again.

Fast forward to age 16 when one evening friends insisted Brad watch the "Doug Henning NBC Magic Special" with them. Uninterested, Brad finally acquiesced. He went in planning to pick apart Doug's tricks and show how easy it was to figure these silly things out. This might have been left over resentment from 10 years ago. Instead, Brad was transported to an land of magic and wonderment, as Doug would say, and vowed to study magic seriously from that moment.

Brad went down to the Arcade Magic and Novelty shop and stood around for 14 hours every Saturday, open to close, until someone finally noticed him. He was asked about his intentions, and then taught an effect or two that he could go home and practice. He practiced for hours, went back and showed them next Saturday, got the approval that was required, and was on his way. The shop was old school and Brad got his education that way. He was taught that magic needed to be simple. He was taught never to work on more than three things at a time, until he could do them in his sleep. He was taught that books were a good thing. Small tips and techniques were learned from pros who frequented the shop which made a huge difference during Brad's performance. Brad put an ad in the paper "Have rabbit, will travel" for kids parties and started to work professionally.

Let's speed this up.

Brad moved to New York to study acting, was on As The World Turns (small regular part as Clinton the Card Shark Gambler). Hit the comedy clubs after hours, performing. Was hired for a Billy Joel video during a street performance. Had four agents booking him in clubs and for acting auditions. People started getting pick pocketed during his street performances, and Brad was told by the police if they ever saw him on the street again he'd be locked up. Decided to move back to Toronto. Went on vacation to San Francisco for two weeks and never went back to Toronto. Sent for his stuff. Did shows and worked as a waiter for some years, knowing that he could do more if given the chance. Watched his little nephew playing with a toy car at Thanksgiving dinner one night, made the car disappear. When Brad saw his little nephew's reaction, he thought Dad's should be able to do magic for their kids! Brad thought he might be a good teacher. He got some investors, made a video, bought a computer, taught himself html and Flash, built the site, went live and that is history. Ellusionist.

Jennifer Riordan

Jennifer Riordan

General Manager

Hi! I’m Jennifer Riordan. I work in customer service, inventory control, purchasing as well as managing the warehouse and wholesale division. I may not be a magician but I wear a lot of hats!

Oban Jones

Oban Jones

Creative Director

Here’s some things you may not know about our designer, Oban Jones. His first illustrative claim to fame came at the tender age of 3, having been credited as the first child in his school to add eyebrows, ears and teeth to his stickmen.

David Mitchell

David Mitchell

Ellusionist Webmaster and Go-to Guy

Working with Ellusionist for 16 years has an effect on a persons hairline. Kidding aside, the discovery of magic has been one of the best things to happen to me besides getting married and getting to experience parenthood.


Duane Williams

Creative Team / Product Development

Duane Williams, from the roaring mountains of North Wales is one of the best kept secrets in magic. His unique ability to blend unusual and unseen solutions to creative plots in magic has placed him right into the heart of the Ellusionist team.


This is where we eat, sleep, drink, and breathe magic. It's also where we work. Notice that we have not one, but FOUR clocks on the wall. The internet never closes, so we're open 24 hours. Ellusionist's main ware-house is located in Petaluma, California, and our corporate offices are located just outside of San Francisco. You can see the Bay right out our front door!

We are Selective. We Only Offer the Best.

We only teach high impact, explosive magic, and we cut out the tricks that don't make that cut. Remember that trick that your uncle did that time at your 8th grade graduation? We don't teach stuff like that. We teach you how to perform miracles.

Our goal is to constantly expand and increase the beauty and efficiency of the site. It doesn't matter if you are brand new or deep into magic already.

We Will Be There for You.
We Will Stand by Your Side.
We Will Teach You.
And We Will Not Let You Fail.

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