No More Ellusionist App

No More Ellusionist App

Before anyone freaks out, this doesn’t mean we’re shutting off all of our magic apps, that we currently sell.

This is just referencing the ‘shopping’ app that duplicated our website and product offering.

It's no longer available and you can remove it from your devices.


  • The first reason is that it didn’t have the functionality that we’re looking for. In the last 2 years we’ve performed many upgrades to the main website - so it seemed like a waste to not have that hard work shown when it comes to the app.


  • Second, the discount codes/free gift offerings that we have on the site throughout the year, and especially during Black Friday, don’t always work in the app. That’s not fair to customers checking out via the app.


  • Third, I have a philosophical disagreement on making ‘everything’ an app.

When I go to a restaurant and they want me to download the app, for the menu, sign in, give them my birthday and my blood type - it's too much. The app then clogs my home screen for months, it drives me nuts.

I’m sure we’re all a little overwhelmed with the amount of apps we have on our phones... Pages worth.

So we went in a different direction.


Chances are, you have WhatsApp on your phone.

We’ve moved to WhatsApp notifications for these reasons:

  1. Order confirmations
  2. Free tracking updates via WhatsApp
  3. Nothing to install, you probably have WhatsApp anyway
  4. Easier Customer Service 
  5. The Games (Did you play our recent one in June? Thousands of you did)

To get all of these benefits without the need to add ‘another’ app to your phone, scan the QR code below, or click THIS LINK.

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Kevin H

Kevin H

I really appreciate the transparency you guys bring to the table. It’s so refreshing. I was admittedly frustrated with the app as it didn’t add anything to the Ellusionist experience. Your ability to reflect and adjust is so unusual for a company, in a good way. Looking forward to many years learning magic from Ellusionist.

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