Who Do You Do Magic For?

Who Do You Do Magic For?

That question can be perceived in two ways... 

  1. What kind of audience do you do magic for?
  2. The way in which it was intended. When you learn or perform magic, who gets more out of it? Them or you. 

If your answer is always 'them' you have a job - and not a passion. 

You may tell people you're an artist, but if you don't like the execution of your art, then you're exchanging skill for status. 

And status is not purpose. It's not art. 

  • When the cameras are off, your instagram app is closed and the people aren't paying to see it... are you performing?

  • Are you having fun?

  • Are you entering those exchanges with strangers carrying the same energy you do when it's not free?... Or are you phoning it in?

A few years ago Ben Earl and I were having a call and I explained my 'top change' game to him.

The game is this... How many 'top changes' can you execute flawlessly, after a few drinks, on a night out?

My record is 6 top changes in a row, before I quit while I was ahead. Each was used in the context of an ambitious card or card to pocket routine. On the same audience. 

They had fun, they were screaming, reacting, asking if they could film it etc.

But I was having more fun than them... It was pure escapism. 

In that moment, after being inspired by Ben's work, I was doing magic 100% for me. For the first time in a long time. 

...and that energy is infectious for audiences. 

Why do we get into magic? 

I think we all get into magic with pure intentions, to learn, gain confidence, build skill, polish our willpower, dedication etc. 

In the beginning, it gives us purpose, we make friends and it fills our proverbial cup. Ultimately... It's for us. 

Along the way, we take our knocks, criticism, we become complacent with the gags and it becomes less about how happy we are - but more about just making the audience happy. 

And I've had so many conversations with magicians saying: 

"Why do you do that routine?" 

And they say... I know it's sh*t, but people like it. 

Controversial opinion here, but shouldn't you also be happy? Why bother doing something you don't like? 

I've seen so many magicians stick to their 'script' or set list and breeze past a retort from their spectators. Because it wasn't in their playbook to engage with them.

That means they're not present - and it's about 'getting the thing done' and not 'embracing the moment' regardless of whether the trick concludes or not. 


It sounds like bias, but it isn't...

I financially benefit from this product doing well, so it's hard for me to speak passionately about it without it coming across as a 'hard sell'. 

But I've been saying it for years before this collaboration existed. Ben's philosophy on magic has changed my approach personally. I'm doing magic for me again. 

And weeks after filming in NYC, Ellusionist's videographer, Duane Williams, called me and said "Since filming with Ben, I've picked up a deck of cards every single day since."

Duane, after filming hundreds of tricks & trailers for about 7 years, lost his passion. He was in a magic rut.  

Unreal Card Magic brought him back. 

So I could say how many tricks you'll learn, or how cheap it is now vs later - but what I REALLY want to communicate is that (I believe) this project is life changing for magicians. 

It’s taken almost 2 years for me to convince Ben to share his secrets with you. The secrets that profoundly changed my opinion of magic years ago. 

When I say this guy is the best in the world, and this is what you should be learning, whether you’re a beginner or pro - I mean it.

Being with Ellusionist for 8 years now, I'm lucky enough to see thousands of magic tricks per year. To meet hundreds of magicians per year. To work with the best in the business.

Ben was my white whale.

His magic is what I spend my own money on. 

His books are on my Christmas List - and after 17 years of learning magic  - it’s this material, the tricks & subtleties that you’ll learn in this project - that I’m currently doing in my personal life. 

Not for money (I only do charity gigs), or glory (I barely post on socials) - but for me.  

And that speaks to a lot of reading this too. You're not looking to be world famous... you just want to recapture that spark you had when you first started learning magic. 

Maybe you'll capture it here



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Pat Jackson

Pat Jackson

I do magic for myself mainly, secondly for friends and family.
It all started with a magic set as a kid, then, although I’ve always been fascinated, had a lull until around 15 yrs ago. Then I started buying pocket card and coin tricks, now I buy the odd gimmick cards etc., but I prefer to finish totally clean. Meanwhile back to the question, ME! Enjoy your magic everyone! Cheers

Samurai Joe

Samurai Joe

I do magic because I love 💓 it. Mainly for me, but I do love to see the excitement and reaction on people’s faces. 😱 “How did you do that” We make the impossible possible for people. I always told my kids 2 things. Never tell me “I can’t” or “It’s impossible”. I make the impossible possible. Give them hope, wonder, magic and memories. Love it and live it.



For family and friends.

Tom Yarnall

Tom Yarnall

I do mostly kids magic



Good stuff, eye-opening too. Thank you, waiting for htrm, hard to justify to my wife why I’m getting the Earle stuff, but I do want it…

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