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The Black Deck Book - Yours Free!

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The original Black Deck book was printed and released over five years ago after our release of the Black Tiger Deck, becoming one of the rarest products we have ever released, and selling for hundreds on eBay.

The Black Deck book was written by Brad Christian, Chris Schuh and Team Ellusionist as a response to the release of the Black Tiger Deck. People just didn't know how to perform with a Black Deck - the Black Tiger being the first of its kind.

As a Thank You to our loyal following then, we've digitally remastered, re-edited and re-written the Black Deck book, with all new tricks, patter and information that'll keep you performing with your black decks for years to come.

This book has been long out of print, and it's only through repeated requests, gift baskets - and most importantly - your support, that this book is now available to you, free. It's just our way of saying thank you... Fifty Thousand Times.

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Live Fast, Practice Hard, and use a Good Looking Deck of Cards

The Black Deck book includes;

• How to Care for Black Cards

• How to Introduce your Black Deck

• Killer Tricks with a Killer Deck.

• Extra handlings for Black Deck Gaffs

and much, much more. This is 80 pages of top quality material. Click the image to download free now.