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What Makes Ellusionist The Right Choice For You?

You've seen the video - you know Ellusionist is the right choice for you. Here's what you can count on:

  • Massive retail network (Over 200,000 fans on Facebook, Over 100,000 fans on Instagram and Over 250,000 email subscribers globally)

  • Your product could be sold wholesale to our massive network of magic shops

  • Iconic photography and video production (no one comes close)

  • Ellusionist is not a 'jobber' selling more than 5,000 products - YOU stand out

  • A constant stream of new eyes on your product

  • No other company has the marketing expertise that Ellusionist does

  • A full commitment to your career

  • The big names started right where you are now.

Why Ellusionist?

Easy; because we’re the best. It’s an opinion continually expressed by our artists, our customers, our staff and our partners. We know how to take a product and shape it, make it the ULTIMATE and then market it with tremendous worldwide reach, better than anyone else out there.

What does Ellusionist have that I can't get from another company? No one else has the savvy, the customer base, the production value, the marketing, the writing ability, and sheer power to put your product out there BIG TIME and keep it out there like we do. Put simply, we're the best at doing this because we've been doing it longer, bigger, better and with more style than anyone else you'd think of taking your trick to.

Shouldn’t I take my effect to a big wholesaler to get it into lots of magic shops?

The problem with taking your effect to a wholesaler is that it will usually have a short shelf life of a couple of months where things look good and then it will start to collect dust. Those large 'Sam's Club' magic shops will take anything that's given to them - and your effect gets lost among the literally thousands of other products they also try to push on their customers.



Working with a wholesaler
This is your product
Working with Ellusionist
This is your product with us


Unfortunately, wholesalers are not in a position to promote your effect and KEEP promoting it. It does well while it's the 'new kid on the block' and then say goodbye - it's on its own.

What you need is a constant flow of NEW eyes on your effect. With well over a million hits per month and always rising, you GET that at Ellusionist.

We don’t take on everything that comes our way. We only take what we truly believe in. If we're going to do it, we do it - all the way. Just look at our products, the attention and care they get. And we treat our inventors the same way.

Ellusionist’s customer reach is even greater than you might think. After a product is released to retail customers through Ellusionist, we then give it the same promotion and attention through our own MASSIVE wholesale network. There is hardly a magic shop - online or on the street - that does not stock Ellusionist products - and we have a direct line to get your effect into each of them.


Our award-winning creative team is the backbone of every single release on Ellusionist. We take ‘good’ and we make it ‘incredible’. There is no detail too small that it goes overlooked by this team. We have both domestic and international manufacturing partners across innumerable industries that can take any gimmick idea you have and craft it to be better than you could even have dreamed. You only need to look at any of our success stories to see how well this comes across. Items like Messado Rings, Clone even Stay Cool - all made in partnership with our contacts, with beautiful packaging and quality construction.


Check out the treatments given to our artists below. Everyone from Luke Jermay to Daniel Madison, Wayne Houchin to Peter McKinnon - our team will make you look like a rockstar. We believe that the marketing of any product begins with selling yourself - so we’re invested in selling you as an artist as much as we’re invested in selling your idea.

Many of the successful artists you know today have come through our ranks - right back in the beginning with Wayne Houchin, Daniel Garcia and Justin Miller - through to guys making waves today - Lloyd Barnes, Adam Wilber and Mark Calabrese - with the Ellusionist treatment their careers catapult into magic stardom, and their effects are performed by thousands of magicians all over the world.

Have you ever looked at these guys and thought ‘I wish I was that person’? That’s brand marketing. We make you the star, we make your effect the star, and we make you both look incredible.

The video above shows you the effort we put into making our artists and effects look their absolute best - video, graphics, music, ad copy - all produced in-house to sell you and your effect to an adoring public. The title ‘Ellusionist Artist’ holds great sway in the industry.

A dvd product

Daniel Madison
Justin Miller
Luke Jermay


Branden Wolf
Bobby Motta
Adam Wilber


Mark Calabrese
Peter McKinnon
Wayne Houchin


Put simply - we can get your product in front of more customers than any other company. From Facebook to YouTube, Twitter to Instagram, Vimeo to email - we have nurtured our customer base into an engaged and excited community who are always eager for the next big thing. They know what to expect from us, and we naturally have a desire to give them the very best effects to hit the magic world.

No matter how you measure success, we’re going to get you there. Our partnerships and sponsorships through places like The Magic Cafe, Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine and Networks like Discovery, TLC, SyFy and NBC mean we can take your effect to heights you never thought possible.

We consistently supply effects to consultants for the likes of Dynamo, Criss Angel, Cyril, David Blaine, Derren Brown and Troy for use on their shows. If you’ve ever seen them perform a trick that you can buy - like Daniel Madison’s ‘Angle Z’ or Wayne Houchin’s ‘Stigmata’ - it’s likely because we put the effect in their hands.

Success Story: Joshua Messado

Messado When we first found Joshua Messado he was performing on the streets of Philadelphia, another busker in a city of hundreds of them. However, when that first cell phone footage of Messado performing his unique, flourishy style of the linking rings hit our inbox, we immediately sat up and took notice. We sent a crew straight to Messado to film a high quality demonstration - and when we got this video back we knew we had to share it. And share it we did - with our now over 200K strong Facebook community, to an absolutely wild reception. People went nuts over this little 1 minute video. Given the Ellusionist treatment, Joshua Messado had done the seemingly impossible - he'd made the linking rings... cool. From humble beginnings demonstrating tricks outside his local magic store to get people to come inside and buy, Joshua Messado is now a household name in the magic industry. He's performed for everyone from David Copperfield to Jeff McBride, Max Maven to Daniel Madison - and now performs for major corporate clients and celebrities.

He became the talk of Magic Live when we released the Messado Rings, with people coming up to him continually - like some sort of a star - just to meet him. We sold out of every single one of the Messado Rings we launched at Magic Live well before the convention was over - and when they were released online for the Holidays, Messado had people as far away as Peru sending him their performance videos of his creation. His magic had gone worldwide - a success story echoed by nearly every one of the artists and products released via the Ellusionist Submission Process. That's why people come to us.

Because Your Success Is Our Success.
Read that again. YOUR SUCCESS is OUR SUCCESS. From the moment you submit your idea to us, we’re invested in you 100%. We will do everything in our power to make your next idea the best project we’ve ever released. Whether you’ve created a flawless card change or a full body levitation - we turn all the dials up to 11 and throw our full production and marketing force behind you. With so many people putting their time and efforts into making your idea the absolute best it can be before, during and after release - we’re sure you can imagine the sheer cost we pour into making sure you get the recognition - and let’s face it - sales, your idea deserves. We do this because we believe in every project we approve. When you do well, we do well. We'll help open every door that needs opening to further your place in the magic industry - the bigger and brighter you shine, the more your ideas sell. Your success is our success.

The Deal
This is where we talk shop. Whenever we look at partnering with an artist - be they creating their first effect or an established artist, we ensure that the deal table is always balanced. The more your effect brings to the table, the more we put back into the deal. While we can’t layout a flat figure or royalty without seeing your effect.
We at Ellusionist believe trust should be the foundation for every relationship - especially a business relationship. All submissions made to Ellusionist will only ever be seen by the Ellusionist creative team until a signed contract allows us to release the effect. Where we may require consultation with an outside source - such as a magic historian, a manufacturer or another artist, we will only do so with your express permission. Your creation is first and foremost, your creation.

Now we come to our expectations. As you can see from the above - we truly devote our entire team to bringing you and your creation to market - BUT - we only do this for ideas in which we truly believe. We’re all or nothing type of people. If we don’t believe in it - we can’t sell it, so we ask that if you’re going to submit something to us - that you believe in it too. Make it your best. We want to click on your submission and be enthralled from the start - so if you’re selling us a magic trick - put some time into it and submit it as a video.

We will not accept any submission that is not accompanied by a video submission - the exception being design work for items like Playing Cards, Coins and accessories. We do want to make clear however, that it’s been 10 years since we’ve produced a deck of cards from a submission, we’re known for our incredibly designed playing cards - so if you’re submitting a design - make sure it blows us out of the water.

We will not respond to every submission. Due to the sheer number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to each and every one. In fact - in most cases we will not respond. Please don’t take this as our ignorance of you or your effect. We review each submission carefully and objectively, but we still have a business to run - and we simply don’t have the time to respond to every effect. If we like what we see, we may ask you for more information - or, like in the case of Kevin Parker’s ‘Revolution’ - we may be on the phone to you ten minutes after you hit the submit button, booking in flights to get you filmed. If we do not respond to your submission within 10 days, please understand that your submission was not successful.


 We are looking for people who are extremely unusual and creative and have the ability to think outside the box. This does not mean that YOU cannot come up with something great. It just means that you should only send it in if you think it's the kind of thing Ellusionist really does.

Remember, it's very valuable to send a SHORT video that demonstrates what the spectator sees when they watch your trick. Think things through before you click submit. Make sure everything is easily understandable.

Good luck, we can't wait to work with you.

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