Pure Smoke - Tricks, Tips and Care


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As stated in the instruction video, you can hear the sound from the device in a quiet room. However, when performing in public with ambient background noise it is not an issue at all. Once the device is under your arm and hidden by a jacket or hoodie, the noise in dampened considerably. Any ambient background noise will mask the sound. Just make sure to set yourself up for a good performance by choosing the right venue for performing Pure Smoke. Performing it in a quiet room will be problematic, so turn the radio on in the background and / or try talking during the 3 second smoke delivery and you should be just fine.

We use these in our performances and it does takes some sound management, but it's completely worth it and we have had great success with it. Best of luck and we know it's going to work out great with you.

REDUCE THE SOUND: Make sure to use 1.2v AA batteries in your Pure Smoke to help reduce the sound.


1.  Notice the training video doesn't talk about the new "detachable" heater coil that came with your unit.  In this way, if the coil fails you can pop in another one and be good to go.  This coil just screws onto the unit.

2.  Hold trigger system down for 3 seconds to get a normal quantity of smoke.  Hold down for 5-6 seconds and you may get a more full burst of smoke.

 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE - Having trouble?  Check here first...

 FIRST - verify you have charged batteries in the unit. Some of the issues we are seeing are people using depleted batteries or not fully charged "re-chargeable" batteries.

SECOND - Remove the smoke cartridge from the heater coil completely and then activate the device.  If the heater coil is hot, then the issue is not the coil itself..... it may be the seating of the refill cartridge.  Push the smoke cartridge down hard into the coil, get it close to the heat.   However, if the coil does not get hot, then you should try a NEW heater coil to see if that fixes the issue.  If that still doesn't fix the issue, we will exchange your unit.

THIRD -  please make sure the foil is fully punctured on the cartridge and prime the system as explained in the video at about 12:15 or so.

Is the worlds first smoke from the hands device that is:

• Completely Safe

• Chemical free, smoke is like water vapor

• Inexpensive to operate

• Inexpensive refill cartridges

• Multiple colors of smoke

• Easy to operate

• Extremely durable

• Double the volume of smoke per puff

• Double the amount of puffs of smoke from each cartridge

... and much much more.