Going to Blackpool Magic Convention? Read Below

Going to Blackpool Magic Convention? Read Below
Later this week some of Team E will be attending Blackpool Magic Convention. 

That’s going to be:
  • Geraint Clarke (me)
  • Duane Williams
  • Oban Jones
  • Romy Meermans
  • & our newest Team member, Yannick Barth

Don't be shy, if you see us, come and say hello. We'd love to meet as many of you as we can. 

Often, the downside of the internet is that engagement is measured in numbers - and not faces.

So we'd love to meet the individuals that make up our readers, followers, subscribers & customers - and actually get to know you.


Why are we there?  

Well, to answer a question we get every year... 

"No, we don't have a stand." 

We prefer to go & enjoy the convention, see old friends & make new ones. 

It's hard work managing a stand, managing stock, being up all night jamming in the Ruskin & awake all day selling at the convention... It's just not for us. 

But Blackpool is a great excuse to meet up & have a laugh with people you don't get to see often. 


We want to see your magic too

Last year we worked with a some huge names in magic & introduced a few new names to the community along the way. 

Maybe YOU are the next Ellusionist artist? Maybe 2024 if your year?

Last year we paid out over $350,000 in monthly royalty payments, with just 22 new releases. 

That figure doesn't include buyouts or stocking self-produced items. That's just royalties. So the pot is big & the opportunities are plenty. 

If you've got something to share with us, track us down & we'll be happy to let you know if Ellusionist can produce it. 

Or, track down artists who have recently released with us & ask for their honest opinion. 

  • Best case scenario, if Ellusionist sign with you at Blackpool, we'll give you a cash bonus on the spot. 
  • Worst case scenario, if it's not for us, we'll gladly tell you what to do/say to get the best deal from another producer. 



Also if you are definitely going to Blackpool Magic Convention, I’ve got something to share with you.

When Team E first met Ben Earl, it was 2018, in Las Vegas. While people were gambling and drinking, he was at the bar writing a book on his laptop.

"What's it about?" We asked.

What proceeded was one of the most fascinating conversations about magic we've EVER had. For several hours, we listened to his philosophy on something as simple as controlling a card; how to make it invisible, why this new theory works and what everyone is doing wrong.

It wasn't pretentious. It wasn't boring or impractical. It was riveting and everything he said was 100% right!

That was MISSION CONTROL. We've raved about it privately for years—as we've been unable to say what it is. In fact, Ben himself has yet to share with anyone publicly WHAT this is.

This ONE concept has made a tremendous impact on my card magic, personally.

I don't want to sound like I'm overhyping what this is—but I do want to be clear that Ellusionist is making zero money from this. Nothing. Nada. Yet we're still going out of our way to tell you to attend.

That should speak volumes about how valuable we think this workshop will be for you.

So if you're attending Blackpool Magic Convention, make sure you grab your LIMITED Mission Control ticket: https://studio52magic.com/products/mission-control?_pos=1&_sid=ab246ce4b&_ss=r&variant=40555380637774


We can't wait to see you there! 

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Stewens Christopher

Stewens Christopher

See you there!
Christopher der Hofzauberer

Jim Hathy

Jim Hathy

Sure wish I was going to Blackpool!
Have a great time!

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