I Hate the Omni Deck

I Hate the Omni Deck

What trick do you absolutely hate? We all have at least one. 

For me, it's the Omni deck.

Maybe it's the way that it's presented that makes me hate it.

"Would you be impressed if I could make that deck vanish from your hands?"

Everyone says yes, but instead of the cards being gone, it's swapped places with a cheap plastic brick.

It shouldn't work, but like cheese on literally anything - It does work.

People freak out... In that moment. 


Have you ever stuck around to talk with spectators after the tricks are done? I have.

While bathing in amazement they can't help speculating on methods together.

"I was holding it. He must have switched it for that plastic block or something."

The method speculation doesn't bother me... Unless they're right. In which case, it's a weak trick.

The problem I have with Omni Deck, aside from the deck not vanishing in the way they expect, is that it's a straight line for a spectator.

"He must have just put that block in my hands."



I don't perform shows anymore. So I have no responsibility to a paying customer.

I also have no expectation to perform when I go out. I can if I want to, but it isn't a guarantee.

This means I can be freer with my pocket management and take only a few items with me.

I ask myself this question when putting a gimmick in my pocket...

"Is the juice worth the squeeze?"

  • Will an index be worth carrying all day when I can do basically the same trick with a top palm?
  • Will an omni deck be worth carrying when I can do a deck vanish from my hands, by throwing it in my pocket?

My goal is to go out and perform the hardest hitting stuff with the least amount of gimmicks.

Although your situation may be different.


Of course your situation may be different. You may have gigs - and thus the only reason to wear trousers that day is to hide gimmicks in them.

So you couldn't care less about bulging pockets. It's an occupational hazard.

For you, Omni deck may be a must... So I'd rather just arm you with the best versions out there.


The first is Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay (we just added it to our worker's essentials category here). What I love about this is that the cards turn transparent, but still keep the form of cards, instead of an unrelated plastic brick.

You make the other cards turn clear, leaving only their card... and this spreadable version (I believe) has far more impact than a traditional omni deck.

  • It still happens in their hand.
  • Their card is still left signed/normal.
  • It's perhaps even easier to bring in/out as a gimmick.

So it's a fantastic improvement if you love the Omni plot.

#2. The Medusa Project 

The second option, that we don't stock at Ellusionist, but still worth picking up, is Perseus Arkomanis' Medusa project.

For me, the hook or story is what sells the magic here. Everyone knows about the Greek Myth of Medusa. Turning people to stone with a look.

As the spectator looks at the deck in their hand, it's now turned to stone.

Again, this is far more interesting than a boring plastic brick. But remember, if they're really freaked out and they drop it, it could break.

I think the stone breaking sells the effect more - but if you're a worker, that can get very costly. So it's worth telling people to hold it tightly.

#3. Just Don't Say "Deck Vanish" 

The third option is to change your presentation and not tell them the deck is going to vanish. Instead you can use the plastic block as misdirection for another effect.

You: "Were you watching closely?"

Them: "YES!"

You: "Did you see me take the deck out of your hand, go through, find your signed card and zip it up in my wallet and place it back in my pocket over here?... No?"

Them: "NO WAY!"

You: "If you missed that, you also must've missed it when I gave the deck back to you - instead of cards I just gave you a block of plastic to see if you were paying attention."

They open their hand. Scream. You reach into your pocket, pull out your card to wallet and reveal their signed card behind the zip.

In this way, the Omni deck isn't the effect. It's the proof that sells the effect.

That's just one quick idea to facilitate my point.  

I like the presentation of 'were you watching closely' instead of, "I'm going to make the deck vanish". Because they'll swear they were watching you the entire time and you've given them a fake method for their brain to chew on later.

However you present it, I think it's more about meeting or exceeding expectations.

If you say the deck is going to vanish and it just turns into a clear block, you didn't meet their high expectations. 

But that's enough from me. I want to hear from you!
What trick do you hate, that other people love? 
Maybe together we can look to improve it. 

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Jager Steel

Jager Steel

I always perform tricks that audiences love ❤️! When I was first starting out, I was desperate to break the cheesy 🧀 Stereotype of the Corny 🌽 magician. For me, that meant no spongeballs🔴. I later discovered that layman enjoy seeing things that only belong to a magician like a spongeball or a 🪄 wand. So I’ve incorporated those into my acts. If we are getting paid, it’s important to remember we are Providing a service.

I don’t hate anything. But I Understand when writing articles and to elicit response from people, one must speak in absolutes – which I HATE!

Bryan Gunton

Bryan Gunton

I can only assume its for 2 reasons you dont like omni deck.
1. you are not a working magician
2. ive seen you perform and you have neither the ability or persona to pull it off.



I love the views and I agree with most of what was said here. I normally don’t participate in comments of posts … unless I have something very important to say. Please stop saying “no one ever says …” or “no one ever thinks …”. Such absolute statements suggest some degree of omnipotence. Now back to the point of this post. In my opinion, Magic should be presented as a form of entertainment much like a movie. I am seen many people enjoy the Star Wars movies. What I haven’t witnessed is anyone yelling during I movie “I know how you did that!” And if the were think that then so what!? Did they enjoy the movie? It’s all about a momentary suspension of belief.



Not you out here absolutely ruining my attempt to Gate Keep the Medusa Deck! 😭😭😭 it’s sooo goood no one else buy it! 😒



I can understand the point of view, but I don’t agree with it. It’s a killer effect and, when I do it, nobody simply thinks, “Okay, he swapped the deck of cards for a piece of plastic.” Before the effect, I manipulate the deck, bring his card up to the top of the deck, show that visually his card is put back in the middle of the deck, that it comes up again and, once in his hand, that I’m able to find it again. Then I make a promise: “Make the deck disappear”. The spectator feels a form of confidence rise in him (he can feel the deck). For him, it’s impossible. And then, boom! The revelation comes where he least expects it. The surprise is total.

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