The Secret Fluffer Behind Magic Trailers

The Secret Fluffer Behind Magic Trailers

For years now, whether it's filming Aroma (coming soon), How to Read Minds (2019) or Unreal Card Magic (2023), we've used the concept of a Fluffer. 

A Fluffer in this instance is a warm-up act. Someone who approaches, builds rapport with and primes the audiences to see good magic. 

I've been that Fluffer. (although more recently it's Yannick, because he's better)

It's a great strategy, because if they don't want to see anything, or reject being on camera - it's not depleting the main artist's energy. 

For example, if I'm filming with Pete Turner, I'll go over, speak to a group, introduce myself, perform a trick and then say... 

"You have to see my friend, he's way better than me. He can do all sorts of crazy mind reading. Shall I call him over?" 

It's at that point that Pete (or whatever artist we are filming) comes over and the camera's go on. 

It definitely contributes to the reactions, because like a warm-up act in stand-up comedy, the audience is already primed & excited for more. 


3 Secrets of a Fluffer 

A British accent in America is already a secret weapon - but I have 3 others. 

3 tricks that the E Team have seen me perform thousands of times - but NEVER fail to get a reaction as an opener. 

  1. Two Card Monte (free to learn on this page)
  2. Ambitious Card (I learned from Crash Course 2)
  3. Pot of Jam 

Each one of those is a link. The first one you can learn for free by clicking it. 

The next 2 you can get 25% OFF using coupon code 'FLUFFER'. 

I've been all over the world for 9 years, watching the best magicians in the world film their original tricks. 

For any film shoot that I've been the 'Fluffer' on, I've performed 1 of those 3 openers above. 

I consider them to be essential learning for every magician. 


Do You Need a Fluffer? 

For filming magic, absolutely. 

I'm sure Pete (used in the example today) & all the other artists would destroy without me, but this way of working saves wasted footage, wasted battery time & the artists energy performing to a non-receptive crowd. 

I'd estimate 2 out of every 10 groups we approach do not want to be filmed, or are just flat & ambivalent.

So if the main artist was approaching those people, they'd be wasting 20% of their energy for that day... and we'd be wasting 20% of our memory card space & battery life on camera. 


No Fluffer? Here Are The Rules 

If you don't have someone with you, or you don't want to film, you don't need a Fluffer. 

But there are things you can do to maximise the reactions you get.


Speak to them for 2 minutes before performing. Get to know them, make a few jokes, assess their personality type and receptiveness. 

You can do this with basic questions. 

  • What brings you out tonight? 
  • Are you celebrating anything? 
  • Are you locals, or first time here? 

Ask their names. Don't just go in with your deck out. 

The last group I Fluffed, Duane spilled an espresso Martini on them in a busy bar and I used that to start a conversation and introduce what we do. 


Your opener needs to be easy to follow and not too process heavy. 

"Take 1, burn 1, move 2 or 3, deal 5, take 3 from the top, move them to the bottom, spell the name of your first love, now cut - is that the card I showed you earlier?"

It's too much for them to follow. You need quick, interactive openers with a kicker. 


Spot the group's leader and look to win them over first. I see so many magicians perform for the women in the group, assuming that will get the best reaction. 

Some of the best reactions I've ever got come from the people who identify as skeptics - and if you win them over, the rest will follow. 


Your best trick shouldn't be your 1st trick. 

Like a stand-up comedian, you can benefit from warming the crowd up first. 

This means, don't expect outrageous reactions from trick 1 - but by trick 3, your audience will be locked in and ready to explode. 

Let me know in the comments below if you benefitted from this, or if you have the perfect opener for cold audiences?

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Shawn De Cavia

Shawn De Cavia

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to broadcast to the world that you are a “fluffer”. Did you guys take the time to look up the actual dictionary definition?






Sure, let’s use a term from the porn industry. That’s a way to make women, kids, families, etc., feel welcome in the magic community. Yeesh…



Love the insights from the working guys in the trenches doing it

Chris Kavanagh

Chris Kavanagh

G, thanks for sharing inside scoop with us and the generous 2 Card Monte tutorial gift.

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