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Includes the famous springboard & boomerang principles - essential learning in Mentalism. 

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  • “After being in this business for so many years, I can pretty much tell when I see something that is just a pipe dream or when it has been well thought out, over a long period of time and actually used. Once Removed is the latter.” - Richard Osterlind  (Regarding Once Removed) 
    "I find this diabolical. In many diabolical routines the diabolical is more clever than the performance of the effect therefore entertaining the performer more than the audience however in this case I think both is attained and that is rare. Well done.” - Banachek (Regarding ATM) 
    “This is one of the smartest psychological card subtleties I’ve had the pleasure of learning. It’s direct and creates a moment of genuine magical amazement for your participant.” - Colin McLeod (Regarding Springboard) 
    "Michael Murray's version of OOTW is genius, pure and simple.  If Paul Curry had still been alive he would have adopted Michael's handling immediately.  It is THAT good." - Mark Elsdon (Regarding A Brave New World) 
    "This material is genuine real-world material that I have seen in action. I cannot recommend Michael or his work enough; my words just won’t do it justice.” - Peter Turner (Regarding the full book) 
    General Praise for Michael’s Work...
    "I really love and admire Michael's thinking, approach, delivery, unique methods, subtleties and nuances, detailed insights, his writing AND performance style...the list could go on and on!” - Jerome Finley 
    "I can't properly express the level of respect I have for Michael. His stuff is excellent. This is the sort of book that will improve your mentalism, and his ideas will stimulate your own. His work is both beautiful and inherently versatile. His work regularly makes appearances in my performances.” - Atlas Brookings 
    "This guy is a genius. I have said before that Michael is one of my favorite creators but this I feel now is an understatement... Michael is MY favourite creator!!!” - Titanas

"A Piece Of My Mind" is collection of mentalism routines, discussions and principles by Michael Murray developed over a ten year period.  Known the world over for his unique approach to mentalism plots this is sure to become a classic text upon this subject  

This 264 page soft back book contains all of the following and more -

  • Springboard (Principle and Routines) - Teach your spectators a skill that will allow them to read minds.
  • ATM (Routine) - Seemingly discern the PIN number of a random spectator and then wipe all traces of it from their memory.
  • Tattle Tailed (Routine) - Possibly the greatest ESP routine ever devised. 
  • A Brave New World (Routine) - A brand new approach to the OOTW plot.
  • Dave’s PIN (Routine) - A propless method for revealing the PIN details of five spectators.
  • Picasso (Routine) - An in the minds design duplication of sorts.
  • Comparative Uncertainty Principle (Principle and Applications) - A method for truly reading your spectators thoughts.
  • Between the Lines - (Routine) - A spectator is somehow able to describe the intricate details of a page they have never seen.
  • The Pandora Principle (No Memory Reading System) - A simple system which will allow you to give highly accurate readings for certain people.
  • The Inversion Technique (Principle) - Change the way your spectators will think about your routines using a simple change in performance context.
  • Making it Memorable (Technique) - A method which will allow your spectators to recall your performances years after the event.
  • What Does a Mentalist Do? (Introduction) - A brief introduction into the propless section of the book.
  • Read My Mind (Short Essay) - A simple method for removing challenges from your spectators. 
  • Principles Within Mentalism - A simple introduction into the use of principles within mentalism. 
  • Small but Deadly (Technique) - Strengthen the way your audience interprets your effects using “favourable objections”.
  • Thought Unlinking (Principle and applications) - Learn how to do pre-show work “real time”.
  • Thoughts on Billet Work - Some thoughts and suggestions for the use of billet work which detail Michael’s thoughts on how/why thoughts should be written down.
  • The Circle of Truth (Short Essay) - An examination of the logic of billet work.
  • Crossword (Routine) - A billet routine which allows you to apparently write down the spectators thought ahead of time.
  • The Racket Switch (Technique) - A new method for switching a billet.
  • Animal Instincts - Discern your spectators thoughts using the answers to three questions.
  • Consulting the News - (Suggestion/Routine) Predict a word that is genuinely decided upon by two spectators.
  • On the Level - A method for building rapport with your spectators. 
  • A Sight Unseen - A simple billet routine used to demonstrate some of the points highlighted earlier within the text. 
  • The Boomerang Force (Principle and Routine) - A method for allowing you to control your spectators choices whilst they are changing their mind.
  • Cal-Ender (Principle and applications) - An amazing principle which takes advantage of a mysterious flaw within an iPhone calculator.
  • Daylight Robbery - (Routine) - Genuinely discern the PIN codes to two spectators mobiles (even Sherlock would be impressed).
  • Personal Identification Number (An Out) - A language based pseudo PIN number reveal.
  • Un-Real - (Principle/Routine) - A psychological quirk forms the basis of a “Liar Truth Teller” routine.
  • Sublime Influence (Routine) - Prove how your unconscious thoughts may be manipulated by what we see.
  • Bonus - Once Removed (Routine) - A novel take on the think a card plot.
  • Spectator as Mind Reader (Essay) - An essay which provides some insight into this often “loved or loathed” plot. 


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