Real Magic for the Real World

The top pro's learn from this guy - Now you can too. 

No lies. No spells... This is as close to real magic as you'll ever get. 

LIVE in London, September 18th. Only attendees will be told the exact location... This is not an online event. It's in-person only.

LIVE workshop day, London UK 🇬🇧 - September 18th 2022
(this is an in-person event, not online)

First, a quick note from Ellusionist...

We watched this guy [Aaron Alexander] do invisible surgery on a stranger in the street - and without pre-show, stooging or hypnotic preamble, he fully convinced them their arm was under his full control.

He moved it like a Boston Dynamics robot... We're talking about a stranger's actual arm here. 

He didn't pre-show them, he didn't stooge them and their eyes were fully open.
It sounded like real magic and they all wanted to experience it. 

The sceptic in the group said, "go on then, do it on me too." 
So without missing a beat - Aaron did. 

And that's only 1 example of the kind of thinking & demonstrations this guy can teach you. 

What Aaron teaches is unlike anything we've ever featured on Ellusionist. He creates the conditions for an experience - and the spectator steps right in. 

Real Magic for the Real World.


The guy the pro's learn from...

You all know James Brown by now, he's a guy you learn from. But who does James learn from?

Take a look at his video below where he announced this exclusive workshop on Instagram. James will be hosting the entire workshop and offering his own input on this style of magic. What he calls "Real magic". 

Aaron Alexander is a Canadian speaker and entertainer with an unusual understanding of how our perception of the world can shift from one moment to the next.

His performances weave together elements of art, science, and psychology to create genuine moments of magic and connection.

It's as close to real magic as anything we've ever witnessed.

He has spoken and performed to academic and lay audiences around the globe, and designed perception-bending art for some of the world's top entertainers and artists—many of whom credit his work with reigniting their sense of magic and wonder.

If you want to question everything you know about magic & performing, this is one workshop you cannot miss! 

What to expect

Aaron is known for an approach that uses no props but the human mind and body, creating experiences that feel like real magic to both those experiencing them and those sharing them.

In this 4-hour interactive workshop you will:

Get hands-on instruction and practice with powerful and reliable techniques that look and feel like magic but are completely honest and without deception.

  • This will include well-known effects now used around the world like **The Invisible Rope** as well as other unpublished variations and methods.

  • Learn the psychology and philosophy behind the methods that will allow you to make what you already do honest and real and reliable, on and off stage. Learn how to turn any method or trick you already know into a genuine miracle to share.

  • Leave with a set of tools and complete routines that you can use *that same day* and have with you for the rest of your life, because all they require is what you carry in your mind and body.


Aaron's teaching style combines elements of art, science, history, philosophy, and psychology.

He also draws on an extensive background working and training in areas such as conflict intervention, dispute mediation, mental health, and personal development.

Get your ticket today! 

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