Acme Hole

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ACME is the most highly developed healing hole gimmick ever devised.

A flap-less foray into the impossible that will deceive and perplex.

Visual Magic is Lloyd's forte at Ellusionist... 'Acme Hole' does not disappoint.

Pull any small objects through a completely genuine hole:

  • Fingers
  • Silks
  • Cigarettes

Then with NO FUNNY MOVES, the hole is peeled away like a Roadrunner cartoon.

In this download you'll learn the face-palmingly simple secret of the healing hole. A gimmick you can make at home quicker than you can boil a kettle.

A trick fit to fool an audience of thousands, or a Wile E. Coyote.

Get Acme Hole TODAY.

Customer Reviews

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Great Trick!

Acme Hole is a great little trick - very imaginative, well explained, easy to make and takes minimal practice to get right!

Steve Sims
Simple, SLICK and fun as hell.

I'm one for the challenge of building a prop, as I do them all the time. The Acme Hole is easy to build, highly visual, and if performed as per the instructional vid, leaves very little to do as far as "the move" is concerned. You have to buy a couple of inexpensive key items, but the effect is fantastic. Lloyd is such a cool gentleman to release this.

Brian Thomas
Great visual effect

Handling is easy, and the look on the spectators face is worth the effort of putting this together. Can be done live but even more effective when done over zoom or similar.
Not too difficult to make. You need a few extra bits to make but I would have thought most magicians will have most of these bits. IMHO well worth the cost and the small effort required to make. We'll done Lloyd!

Brandon Voight
An absolute bargain

This is a download with detailed instructions on how to build an ingenious gimmick card. There is also detailed tutoring on the performance. I did end up buying the materials used to create the gimmick, so it was the same as what Lloyd Barnes uses, but as he explains there are ways to create the gimmick with materials you probably already own. The materials I purchased were also very cheap, and can be used to create other gimmicks. If you’ve seen the trailer you would know what a great effect this is. Very clever!

Henry Ferris
Acme hole

This is truly incredible
For such a low price you are getting way more than what you pay
Lloyd has done a great job with this effect
The method is genius
I would pay £10 just for this effect
I love it!

Bryan B.
Acme Hole

Great illusion with detailed gimmick build and routine

Not at all what I was expecting!

Very interesting effect! Worth every penny!

great reactions

gimmick is easy to create. worth the price for the tutorial. great reactions from spectators

Stephen Barry
Visually Stunning

Takes a bit of time to make, but that’s to be expected. It really looks amazing on camera for social media but also for live virtual shows.

Geir Illing Nordvik
Takes some time to make, but what a gimmick!

I really enjoyed this trick, and it went straight into my working repertoire.